JukeBox Beatdown (Interactive Poetry)

My friend (and great writer) over at JukeBox Beatdown wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! And so he gave me his three words – (Darkness, Overflowing, and Flame) and here is what I created with those words.

Fight to Survive

A land where evil was overflowing
Where light was masked by darkness
And all the rivers had stopped flowing
The people had no souls, were heartless
And the fields were all destroyed by fire
Making food a precious commodity
Forcing all men to run on desire
Hope would be lost if not for a long lost prophecy
That a small group of survivors
Would rise up and save the land
They would never quit for they were fighters
Armed with nothing but their hands
Against the masters of hate
They would end this dark game
By changing this lands fate
And putting evil to the flame

July Tan (Interactive Poetry)

Another great poet over at July Tan wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! So they chose their words to give me and they were – (Tree, Warm, and Eyes) I took it a very different direction than I thought I would when I sat down to write it. So let me know how I did!

Veiled Danger
It is beyond warm
As I walk through the trees
And the sky continues to storm
The wind throws me with its breeze
The moon is hidden by the clouds
I’m starting to feel some unrest
As if something is here behind a shroud
Because i’ve walked into their nest
Deeper and deeper I go
My unease grows when I see their eyes
Flahses of lightning making them glow
Turning around would probably be wise
But i’m so far off the path
There is no more going back
I must push on and face their wrath
Hopefully I can get back on track
Thats when I hear an unearthly growl
Directly in front of me
What beast could make a noise so foul
I scream out a plea
To anyone who might be there
Then I see it begin to leap
If anyones there they do not care
I fall to my knees and I weep
Because as the beast descends
I know this is the end

These Words I Write (Interactive Poetry

A fellow poet over at These Words I Write (go check him out!) decided to participate in my interactive poetry and he gave me a fun set of words – (Bicycle, Milk, and Twirl) and I had a fun time writing this so I hope you all enjoy!

The Last Paper Route

Round and round the wheels twirl
Throwing papers to my left and to my right
Houses passing me by in a whirl
Trying to complete my route with the first light
Swiftly I ride my bicycle
Hitting all the targets as I pass
Watching out for all other vehicles
And making sure not to hit the grass
When at last I reached the final spot
On my daily paper route
And with a heave the last paper was shot
Then I heard the shatter of glass followed by a shout
I had broken their glass bottles of milk
And so I started to ride away
Milk around here was as valuable as silk
I guess this was going to be my last day

I Am a Stray Pt 4

Parts 1 & 2 & 3

The noise was reminiscent of a fire alarm going off. “Time to leave!” I thought, but before I took a step, the man I followed was thrown through the doorway to the living room area. I barely spared him a glance before starting to sprint towards the kitchen. “Look out kid!” the man on the ground screamed out at me. “What are you tal-” I couldn’t finish my thought as I was sent flying across the room next to the bed closest to the kitchen. “I see you brought an accomplice you little shit!” The man wasn’t roaring anymore, but I hardly heard him in the first place. “That really hurt.” Was all I could manage to think. I was struggling back to my feet when the room started shaking. Looking up I saw the huge man coming towards me.

“He is by far the biggest man I have ever seen” I thought as the stars finally cleared from my eyes, giving me a good look at him. He was easily 6’8”, maybe taller, and at least 350 pounds. A beard that made him look like a mountaineer covered his face, and I couldn’t see the top of his bald head. He wore a ripped denim jacket, his arms and legs looked like they could pass as tree trunks. “His ancestors were probably freaking giants”

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Kira Burton (Interactive Poetry)

Another writer everyone should go check out over at Kira Burton. She decided she was going to try and challenge me with some tricky words for my interactive poetry – and she succeeded. With her words being (Mercurial, Superfluous, and Circle) this was definitely really challenging for me to write. Let me know how I did!

Running in Circles

As people our emotions often change
Our minds open to change, our temperaments mercurial
We cycle through our life’s exchanges
Our good moments we turn into memorials
Ignoring the present we immerse ourselves in the past
Crying that evil in this world is superfluous
That our time goes by much too fast
And that our world is far too humorless
Focusing so much on whats behind
And not whats ahead
Delving so far into the depths of our minds
We become depressed instead
Of enjoying life while we can
But rather we trip over all of life’s hurdles
None of us bother to try and understand
That we’re only running in circles

A Recluse Muses (Interactive Poetry)

The wonderful writer over at A Recluses Muses wanted to participate in my interactive poetry. The three words that I was given were (Gardenia, Balcony, and Forging) and here’s what I came up with

A Lesson from the Stars

Standing here on my balcony
The starry sky providing light
I stare out across the canopy
As the wind blows with all its might
I let my mind begin to wander
Keenly aware that the air is getting colder
I think back on my life and ponder
At all I’ve done as I’ve gotten older
I begin to recall all that I’ve seen
The blues of the ocean, the safaris of Kenya
The blues and green
Of the aurora borealis, the whites of gardenias
I’ve seen much in my life
But as I look up at the stars, falling and forging
Their way across the sky like a knife
I realize I’ve spent all my time searching
For something to help me dismiss
The reality that we all
Try so hard to resist
That when we look beyond our world, our lives are so small

Said With An Eye (Interactive Poetry)

So the amazing writer over at saidwithaneye (seriously though go read her stuff shes awesome.) Wanted to participate in my interactive poetry thing im trying! So she gave me three words – Bumblebees, Stars, and Chocolate – which i’ll admit wasn’t easy to connect but here’s what I came up with!

The Sweetest Fuel

When you think of honey
You probably think of bumblebees
How their stings are far from funny
When they sting you fumble see
So let me tell you why
They’ll chase you so far
Queen bees all fall from the sky
You see, all of them are fallen stars
Their worker bees work with one track minds
Because their queens need honey and not chocolate
To help their queens get back with their kind
Honey is the fuel for their yellow rockets
So when you steal from bumblebees
You shouldn’t be surprised by what ensues
When you take their honey you best flee
Because they are loyal to their queens and not you

Mush N Moon (Poetry Interaction)

The very first person to have their words made into a poem for my new poetry interaction was the lovely writer over at https://mushhaleyd.wordpress.com/ The words they gave me were Mushroom, Moon, and Beginning – and I had to turn them into a poem – let me know how I did!

A Fistful of Fire

In the very beginning
There was a boy atop a giant mushroom
Who watched the world keep spinning
But he was filled with such gloom
As there was no more sun
And there was no more moon
How was he to have any fun
When it was dark even at noon
He never knew when to sleep
When he did he never knew when to wake
His days often ended and began with a weep
Loneliness was driving his mind to break
From atop his mushroom peak he looked down
He decided it was finally the day
Down from the clouds he descended with a bound
Darkness surrounded him every which way
Instead of giving up he chose to fight
He found a way to create what he desired
Lifting his gloom he created light
And lit up the world with a fistful of fire

Interactive Poetry

So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get people more interactive with this blog and I. I didn’t really have any ideas until I remembered how I used to come up with ideas for my poetry. I used to have people give me 3 words – 3 random words they don’t have to be related, and they don’t need to have any underlying theme – they just need to be 3 words. The words can be whatever you want silly, serious, sad, happy, any anything else you can think of. Let me give you a few examples of what i’m talking about just to make sure you understand.

For this poem someone gave me the words – (Shaking, Mind, Fun – It’ll make more sense if you know that it was finals week)

Nerves have you shaking
Your mind is off racing
This ordeal is pain staking
You need to begin and stop bracing
Completion will bring relief
So focus your mind
Dont stress and bring yourself grief
And you will find
Its all done
Now its time for fun

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