A Night To Remember (Interactive Poetry)

Our late entry to last weeks interactive poetry came from the awesome writer at Dusty Writes. They realized they wanted to participate a little late into the week but that was not a problem! Their words for me were (Castanet, Ballistic, Town, Aquamarine.) I ended up writing what felt like a corny love poem but lets see what you all think!

A Night To Remember

Everybody in town
Was there for the dance
Dressed in their best gowns
All this romance
And there I was by myself
In all my fancy clothes
Yet forgotten on the shelf
I figured that’s how things go
But Then I saw her
Sparkling in a dress of aquamarine
Then it all became a blur
Something I couldn’t have foreseen
Even at my most optimistic
She grabbed me by the arm
The music started and we went ballistic
I’m amazed we weren’t harmed
People were flailing their castanets
Bodies were flying everywhere
Yet I was captivated by this brunette
From her feet o her hair
I couldn’t believe she wanted me
She like no other made me smile
She filled me with such glee
But then after a while
The dance came to an end
Yet it was the beginning of my life
I had met my best friend
That’s how I met my wife