Interactive Poetry!

Hey everyone sorry for not being as active as I promised I would be. I have been sleepy and exhausted. SO heres how it works. You give me 3-4 words (related or not it doesnt matter) in the comments. I will then incorporate them into a poem. And if you would like I will give you some words of my own for you to do with as you would like.

So leave a comment below and lets get started.

(If I didnt get to your words last time im sorry. Please post them again and I will get them this time.)

Miscellaneous Updates

So my book is not on the shelf I am still working on it, and as for my poetry and weekly postings I will start that up again next week! So be thinking of words! I will also be making time to check out all of your wonderful blogs as well this weekend. I apologize for my absence but I have extremely exhausted as of late. My job is a bit more physically demanding then I had anticipated it would be. So I apologize for that.

Florida (Interactive Poetry)

I am so incredibly late with this but with this but better late than never. My friend at The Outpourings of My Heart gave me some words (Fetish, Florida, Fishing, Fathom) and heres what I came up with. (Its not so much a poem as it is a bunch of F words.)


Try and fathom
All the fishing
In Florida
The fun
The freaks
And Fetishes
And Fantasies
Is Fantastic
And its Frightening

Interactive Poetry Week Something

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been so not here still. Work is more tiring than I envisioned. But I think I am starting to get a handle on it. So as is the usual I am asking you for 3-4 random or related words which I will then incorporate into a poem. And if you want I can give you 3-4 words of my own choosing for you to work with. So leave a comment with the words you want me to use below and lets get started!

Devolution (Interactive Poetry)

Im so late on posting this one and I apologize I have just been really tired out by work. The words were given to me by Josh from My Friday Blog and the words were (Devolution, Insidious, Content,) And heres what I came up with.


When you think of devolution
The shifting sands of power
Through lineage or revolution
Any day month or hour
Through civil or more insidious
Means, we watch the transitions
With our eyes so fastidious
As people pursue their ambitions
Taking everything to their hearts content
And making countless demands
They should enjoy their moments
Because power inevitably changes hands