Party Crasher (Interactive Poetry)

Another repeat visitor to my interactive poetry! These Words I Write gave me some words to work with this week and they were (Dance, Cheesecake, and Invitation) and heres what I came up with.

Party Crasher

I want my invitation
To the big celebration bash
At this huge party location
If not invited I will crash
This big summer soirée
All their food, pastries, cheesecakes
I will make them regret the day
They made such a critical mistake
And didn’t invite me
To their special little dance
I’ll show them all they’ll see
How they shoulda gave me a chance
Matter of fact let me get drunk
And head over there now
Show them how I’m such a slam dunk
They’ll all be saying wow
How could we have been so ignorant
He’s so impressive when drunk and belligerent

Politicians (Interactive Poetry)

@cazziemo on twitter wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! They gave me 3 words to work with which were (Bipartisan, Cabbage, Foreskin – ha) and I wrote what I hope is a funny poem. You all will have to let me know!


Politicians can be like
Old rotten cabbage
Hateful people trying to strike
Down progress by adding baggage
To every bill
Because breaking it down bipartisan
Won’t ever represent the will
Of the people when we’ve charlatans
More concerned with their interns
And the pictures of their foreskin
That they told them to burn
They worry about how they will spin
The story of the pics if they ever get out
That’s the story of our politics
You’re allowed to doubt
But that’s just silly and optimistic