Said With An Eye (Interactive Poetry)

So the amazing writer over at saidwithaneye (seriously though go read her stuff shes awesome.) Wanted to participate in my interactive poetry thing im trying! So she gave me three words – Bumblebees, Stars, and Chocolate – which i’ll admit wasn’t easy to connect but here’s what I came up with!

The Sweetest Fuel

When you think of honey
You probably think of bumblebees
How their stings are far from funny
When they sting you fumble see
So let me tell you why
They’ll chase you so far
Queen bees all fall from the sky
You see, all of them are fallen stars
Their worker bees work with one track minds
Because their queens need honey and not chocolate
To help their queens get back with their kind
Honey is the fuel for their yellow rockets
So when you steal from bumblebees
You shouldn’t be surprised by what ensues
When you take their honey you best flee
Because they are loyal to their queens and not you


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