Interactive Poetry

So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get people more interactive with this blog and I. I didn’t really have any ideas until I remembered how I used to come up with ideas for my poetry. I used to have people give me 3 words – 3 random words they don’t have to be related, and they don’t need to have any underlying theme – they just need to be 3 words. The words can be whatever you want silly, serious, sad, happy, any anything else you can think of. Let me give you a few examples of what i’m talking about just to make sure you understand.

For this poem someone gave me the words – (Shaking, Mind, Fun – It’ll make more sense if you know that it was finals week)

Nerves have you shaking
Your mind is off racing
This ordeal is pain staking
You need to begin and stop bracing
Completion will bring relief
So focus your mind
Dont stress and bring yourself grief
And you will find
Its all done
Now its time for fun

And in this one the words were (Dragon, Rose, and flair)

When one thinks of a dragon
One does not think of a rose
One thinks of landscapes that have been blackened
And the terror they impose
But the similaraties are there
Between a dragon and a flower
As a dragon soars through the air
It possesses a power
A certain type of flair
The rose has this too
With a beauty that demands your stare
An innate romance that controls you
So while the two may not hold the same influence
They are similar in their brilliance

In this last example the words were (Fallacies, cup, and shelf)

Sometimes we build things up
Even when they arent really there
We look and see a half filled cup
Convincing ourselves that they care
So we can live in our self created fallacies
Because when we look back at reality
It is hard not to be overcome by apathy
To avoid the overwhelming brutality
That is that we lie to ourselves
Because we are scared
Of being put back on the shelves
Even though we know they never cared
We avoid what we have known
That in reality we are all alone

So if you are interested in this idea please let me know in the comments. I would love to make this whole blogging thing more interactive.


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