I Am a Stray cont’d

Part 1

“Oh shit!” I screamed as I started sprinting towards the pile of bodies. I could hear whatever that thing was getting closer to me with its unnatural grunting getting louder and louder.  I made it to the foot of the pile and launched myself on it desperately pulling myself towards the top. “These bodies are stacked so damn tight, I can barely find a foothold.” I thought just as the creature hit the bottom of the pile.

I looked down as the pile shook and I finally got a good look at the creature. It was what looked like a dog, but a dog that’s diet consisted of nothing but steroids. It was monstrous, with patches of its fur missing.  As it looked up at me with its huge fangs bared it looked like it was missing an eye as well. “Shit shit shit, WHAT ARE YOU?” I screamed at it.  In response it took a leap upwards and tried to latch onto my leg.  I pulled my leg just out of the way and got a better look at it as it missed and started to fall back down. It had a huge hunchback lined with muscles and patches of fur. The hind legs were long and powerful, and the face was something out of a nightmare with its one eye glowing a haunting yellow.

It hit the ground with another roar and bent down to launch itself up again. “I need to get out of here now!” I screamed in my head while snapping myself out of my trance so that I could move again.  I could feel the rush of air as the beast missed my legs as I climbed.  Looking up I still had maybe another 3 feet until I reached the top. “I can make it, I can do thi….” My thoughts were interrupted as the pile started shaking violently. “Oh what is it now!” I complained looking down. The creature was throwing itself at the pile trying to knock me down. “You’re smart too? That’s entirely unfair!” I screamed renewing my climb with a gusto born from desperation.

Just as I was about to grab the arm of the body on the top of the pile it was knocked off and nearly took me with it. “I did it!” I roared pulling myself to the top of the pile of bodies. “Now I just have to make it down before that thing breaks through this wall of death.” I thought as I started to climb down. It was much easier going down than it was going up. Then the pile of bodies started collapsing and bodies started falling from all parts of the wall. “No no no, that thing must have taken out the foundation.” I thought scrambling to try and find the quickest way down. I still had another 12 feet until the ground but the wall was breaking apart for me to get to the ground fast enough. “I’m going to have to jump if I don’t want to get buried until a pile of bodies.” I concluded as I jumped without hesitation.

I landed in a ball as the wind was knocked of me. The good news was is that I made it to the staircase out of here. I could still hear the beast roaring as the rest bodies were falling on top of it. “That was way too close.” I panted unnecessarily to myself. I started climbing out of there putting the whole incident behind me. “I still need to find somewhere to stay the night, otherwise I’m going to have other things to worry about besides just that creature.” I thought as I emerged onto the surface.

There was still enough light out for me to see the shell of a city that I lived in.  Skyscrapers and other buildings surrounded me. Windows were blown out of most buildings and parts of the roofs of most were missing as well.  Cars were scattered about the streets and as was the case in the subway the road was cracked. “I just need somewhere to stay the night.” I said softly to myself as I scanned my surroundings. I didn’t see anything immediately noticeable as I made my way over to the sidewalk or what was left of it. “Come on there has to be somewhere I can stay.” I whispered urgently to myself.  I rounded a corner and I saw it – what looked like an old diner that was still relatively intact with what appeared to be apartments on top. “Perfect, it’s about time I had some good luck.” I thought running inside the building.

“There has to be something to eat in here.” I whispered hopefully as  I started scanning around the place. It was torn apart though there was nothing left that was edible. Bread that was covered in what I assumed to be mold but at this point it was impossible to tell. Other items that were just so disgusting and disfigured that I couldn’t tell what they were before. “Oh well, at least I have somewhere to stay the night.” I thought defeated making my way to the apartments upstairs. I reached the door and it was locked. “Of course its locked.” I laughed to myself. But the lock itself wasn’t a big deal as I pulled out a bobby pin and picked the lock. “Thanks old man.” I said as I let myself inside.

I looked around at what I had to work with here. The place was a mess, it was torn apart. The dressers were all flung open and the mattress was pushed up against the window. “Well it’s no luxury hotel that’s for sure, but it’ll do.” I made my way over to the mattress by a window and stopped. There was a mirror still hanging on the door to what appeared to have been a closet. I made my way over to it and just stared. It’s been so long since I’ve seen myself I’d almost forgotten what I looked like.

Barely 4’6 I was still short for my age, with my curly hair starting to curl dangerously close to covering my eyes. My tan skin was so dirty that you could barely see under all the grime. My dark green sweatshirt was getting so torn up that it was going to be pointless to keep wearing it soon. The same was happening with my jeans – too many holes. “What a mess you are Dante.” I breathed out referring to myself in third person. The scar on my cheek had hardly faded at all since the time I got it. “Is this really what I look like now?” I screamed with anger overcoming me for no apparent reason.  I picked up what looked like a book on the ground and smashed the mirror. “I don’t need this! I don’t need a reminder of how small I am!” I cried as the glass shattered around me.

I made my way to the other side of the room curling up in a ball as I went to sleep for the night. “Isn’t it supposed to be bad luck to break a mirror?” I wondered as I drifted off to sleep.

-note- As with last time I would love any feedback, because this is a learning process for me!

16 thoughts on “I Am a Stray cont’d

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  2. This is great, just like the first part! I think introducing the more vulnerable side of Dante is really going to help the audience feel for and connect with the character, so good job with that. I just wish you described the setting with a bit more detail. I feel like I’m imagining something other than what you intended. Overall keep it up 🙂

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  3. it was very well written. i felt like i was watching a horror movie on tv and my anxiety was (almost) matching his. 🙂

    i was amazed at how easily he fell asleep…my anxiety wouldnt have let me unwind that quickly. 🙂

    but it is a good way to end this chapter. 🙂

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  4. I really like this, and I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing how this whole story develops. You have such a natural writing style that flows well, and the story is pretty compelling so far. I like how you give the reader a great visual image of the setting and how the protagonist has such a distinct voice and personality already.

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