A Recluse Muses (Interactive Poetry)

The wonderful writer over at A Recluses Muses wanted to participate in my interactive poetry. The three words that I was given were (Gardenia, Balcony, and Forging) and here’s what I came up with

A Lesson from the Stars

Standing here on my balcony
The starry sky providing light
I stare out across the canopy
As the wind blows with all its might
I let my mind begin to wander
Keenly aware that the air is getting colder
I think back on my life and ponder
At all I’ve done as I’ve gotten older
I begin to recall all that I’ve seen
The blues of the ocean, the safaris of Kenya
The blues and green
Of the aurora borealis, the whites of gardenias
I’ve seen much in my life
But as I look up at the stars, falling and forging
Their way across the sky like a knife
I realize I’ve spent all my time searching
For something to help me dismiss
The reality that we all
Try so hard to resist
That when we look beyond our world, our lives are so small


4 thoughts on “A Recluse Muses (Interactive Poetry)

  1. aww, thank you!

    i kinda like to lean
    ever slightly so
    over my balcony and enjoy the waft
    of white gardenias reaching up to greet me,
    in traveling moments of nostalgia,
    when i go back in mind and heart,
    to those days of serenata
    by a gallant hombre with a beautiful voice
    when we forged a fired bond
    that never seems to die
    and my small world glistens
    ever more
    because of the memories
    and song
    that continue to infuse
    my soul
    with touching sweetness.

    ~ steph

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