I Am a Stray

This is going to be an ongoing story that I’m writing periodically.
It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and it will start off in a city that is a city of my own
imagination where the main character is a 12 year old boy.

“The subway is a great place to lose people”, I thought happily to myself. “But its not a great place to spend the night.” I said to myself as I started walking a bit more quickly. I needed to get back above ground and into somewhere hidden before the sun goes down. It’s hard to move quickly when I don’t know the area. “I sure picked a shitty time of day to start exploring other parts of the city.” I muttered bitterly to myself. But its not like I had much choice that gang was moving into my hideout, and I doubt they would have looked too kindly on what they would have only saw as an unwelcome rat. “Bunch of assholes.” I declared in my head. Alright there’s a map of the subway up ahead. As I moved forward I couldn’t help but notice how run down this place was.

It’s only been three years and parts of the ceiling are collapsing. There’s what looks like weeds growing up in the cracked tiling on the floor, vines are growing up the broken columns that used to hold the weight of this place. “This place is a fucking disaster.” I thought as I reached the map. Honestly though, the subway really was the perfect place to get away from people who were after you.  Even if I didn’t know this particular section of the subway, I knew how to get around in it.

“Alright focus, according to this map I should be right next to a stairway out of here.” I start turning around looking for the stairway and then I find it. “Shit! I think its fucking  collapsed.  “Well I guess I’m going to the next one a quarter mile from here.”

Time to be on my way I’ve spent much longer in here then I wanted to. “It really is a pain in the ass trying to move around in here sometimes” I complained out loud as I had to climb over some debris of broken columns as I made my way toward the next staircase. “God what is that smell?” I asked covering my nose. “It smells like something has been rotting down here for ages!” I moaned as I kept my nose covered. “Oh fuck.” I whispered diving behind a collapsed pillar to my right. Well I found the stairs.  Problem is there is a giant pile of bodies almost completely covering it. “What the hell could have killed all of those people?” I asked myself looking around as if whatever did this was going to come out of the walls.

The wall of bodies was only a few hundred feet away as I started making my way towards it. “Ugh I’m going to have climb over that mass of corpses.” I thought disgustedly. Before I took another step I heard a sound like an animal clawing on tile. I started turning around when I heard a huge guttural roar behind me. I looked back and saw a giant silhouette barreling towards me incredibly quickly.

-note- I just wanted to say this is my first attempt at actually writing a story, and I would appreciate any and all feedback as I continue to write this. – part 2

17 thoughts on “I Am a Stray

  1. good write! we are waiting to learn more…will he get out alive? the suspense is actually mind-stalling, although that scene would give me the heebie jeebies, if i were stuck in his situation.

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  2. This is great and Im really lookng forward to the rest of it! I think if possible (depending on what you think is best), you should switch from third person to first, just so we can get a description of both the character and surroundings

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  3. Here’s my take on it: the kid has obviously had a rough life. He’s toughened by the world he lives in, hence the swearing. The absolute best thing a writer can do is to be honest. If the character needs to swear, let them swear. It’s not honest if you don’t. And the ending is very catching. Many questions are left unanswered which is what will bring people back for more. As long as at some point you answer them.

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