Knowing When to Let Go

Sometimes the best way to handle things is just to let go.

I’ve found that I am the person everyone goes to when they need someone to talk to. I’ve often asked myself why that is, why do they come to me and not other people? The answer to that is pretty simple when I really take a seKnowing When to Let Gocond to think about that – they come to me because I always make time for my friends. On the surface, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when you have no one you can talk to yourself, this starts to become an issue. And then a relationship begins to feel one sided – meaning that the other person is coming to you because they know that you will always be there to help them, but when you need them, they are nowhere to be found.

As someone who places such a high value on friendships and relationships, it can be hard to admit to myself that I’m being used – because it’s so far from anything I would ever do to somebody else. But I found myself in a situation where someone I had met rather recently began to use me because I provided that perfect person to vent to. We would talk daily and for a while things were pretty great and I was happy because it appeared as though I had made a really great friend. But in retrospect if I look at how things were in the beginning and the way our conversations were, they were almost always one-sided, and when I became a little more invested and confessed how I felt, things began to go in a direction that I didn’t know how to handle.

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Time: Our Most Valuable Asset

There’s no real way to begin this so I’ll just dive right in.

Over the past 3 years, I have a lost family member who meant a great deal to me. With 2014 being, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst year of my life – with the loss of my grandfather and some very stupid decisions on my part, I’ve been provided with some perspective. I should also mention that, over this semester, I’ve worked in geriatrics as a student nurse, so I have seen death and felt the impact that it brings.

Trying to imagine someone else’s perspective or point of view can be a daunting task for most, and understandably so. You haven’t seen what they’ve seen or gone through the things that they have gone through, but I’m going to ask you, here and now, to try and see my point of view.

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