Heartbreak (Interactive Poetry)

My friend at Said With An Eye gave me some words for my interactive poetry this week. Those words were (Heartbreak, Clouds, and Glass) and heres what I came up with


Only A select few
Have made it past my fortress
And no one but you
Have left me so wordless
Made it past my inner walls
You brought me to the clouds
But in the end you let me fall
Broken amidst the crowds
You made it to my very core
And you left me with heartbreak
Lying on the floor
I dont understand how you could forsake
What we had, how you could shatter
My heart as if it were glass
Did anything we have matter
Did you always know we wouldnt last
Now I have to pick up the pieces
Of my broken heart
Before my life ceases
I just dont know how to start

My Space (Interactive Poetry)

Awesome writer over at The Outpouring of my Heart agreed to participate in my interactive poetry this week. Their words for me were (Independent, Relationships, Love) and heres what I came up with.

My Space

When we’re in love
It’s hard be independent
When someone wants all of
Your attention
And is dependent
On your relationship
So how can you keep
Your space
Without making them weep
How strong is your bond
If it cannot withstand
Some distance
Then it was never very strong
To begin with
So if your partner feels clingy
Don’t be afraid to
Ask for some time alone
Because some times we all
Need space to breathe

Long Distance (Interactive Poetry)

@AgentKrid on twitter (go check them out!) agreed to participate in my interactive poetry. The words they gave me were (Hearts, Intertwined, Soul, Disconnected) and heres what I came up with.

Long Distance

Have you ever had someone
Tug at the strings of your soul
Even if their sun
Rises a whole
Day earlier than your own
Miles in between but your hearts
Are never really alone
If bonded you’re never really apart
Your lives are intertwined
Distance doesn’t make you disconnected
Because the two of you combined
Are forever connected
So don’t be dissuaded
By the difficulties of distance
If it’s love it won’t become decayed
And all that resistance
You may hold
Will unfold
When you see their charm
And finally enter each other’s arms