These Words I Write (Interactive Poetry

A fellow poet over at These Words I Write (go check him out!) decided to participate in my interactive poetry and he gave me a fun set of words – (Bicycle, Milk, and Twirl) and I had a fun time writing this so I hope you all enjoy!

The Last Paper Route

Round and round the wheels twirl
Throwing papers to my left and to my right
Houses passing me by in a whirl
Trying to complete my route with the first light
Swiftly I ride my bicycle
Hitting all the targets as I pass
Watching out for all other vehicles
And making sure not to hit the grass
When at last I reached the final spot
On my daily paper route
And with a heave the last paper was shot
Then I heard the shatter of glass followed by a shout
I had broken their glass bottles of milk
And so I started to ride away
Milk around here was as valuable as silk
I guess this was going to be my last day

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