Thoughts Gone Wild (Interactive Poetry)

@LAHews (You should check them out) wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! The words she gave me were (Creamy, Purple, Imagination, Special) and heres what I came up with!

Thoughts Gone Wild

Sometimes we let our imaginations
Get a little dirty
And conjure up some relations
That are more than just flirty
We imagine the bedroom
With silk sheets of purple
And the scent of your perfume
Our minds running in circles
As we picture you looking special
With the mood getting steamy
We start taking thing to another level
Touching and feeling your skin, so creamy
Music to fit the mood
Clothes start getting removed
Actions so very lewd
Parents would certainly disapprove
But just when things really begin
To really get interesting
The whole world starts to spin
And our ears start ringing
Thats when we wake up pissed
Because of all the fun we missed