A Hard Lesson (Interactive Poetry)

As well asking all you lovely people here on wordpress to participate in my interactive poetry I asked the wonderful people on twitter as well and a few people were interested! @CptnFut wanted to participate and he gave me 4 words to work with (Tragedy, Spectral, Blood, Whisper) and I actually created two poems and this is the first.

A Hard Lesson

Death is such a taboo subject
We’re afraid to discuss it
As if it’s something we can reject
Because we’re too afraid to admit
That it’s an inevitability
I was like this too
Caught up in my lifes stability
So when I lost you
My family, my own blood
I couldn’t face this tragedy
Emotions swept me away like a flood
Your loss was my first calamity
My life began to feel so spectral
As if I wasn’t really there
A nobody, an everyday nothing special
I had nothing to make people care
So I continued to exist
Listening to the whispers
Trying so hard to coexist
But no one listens to a drifter
So when I would try to explain
How I ended up grounded in reality
They never understood my pain
Of understanding our mortality

Free Spirit (Interactive Poetry)

My friend over at baffledbaboon gave me three words to create some poetry with! His words were (Party, Boat, and Lunatic) and heres what I created!

Free Spirirt

I’ve lost all inhibitions
All I want to do is party
And try every sexual position
With a behavior real hearty
I want to run around like a lunatic
Bang things out with the best of them
Take this place apart brick by brick
Roll around in money and gems
I want to rock the boat
Because we only have so much time
But this isn’t all she wrote
So put away the pen and live up your prime
Because When we break things down
We arent here for very long
So dress yourself up for a night on the town
Drink what we want and sing our songs
Now forget your worries
And fill your cups
Because life goes by in such a hurry
So relax lift your glass, and go bottoms up

Eternity (Interactive Poetry)

The wonderfully awesome Amanda @she_nutt on twitter gave me some words to work with for my interactive poetry. The words were (Hmm, Forever, and Young) and I decided to give free verse poetry a go. Let me know how I did!


Sometimes I catch myself
Thinking hmm
What if I could live
Eternally young
Throwing aside mortal bonds
Tackling the world
And what lies beyond
There is an infinite world
Out there
I’d have forever
To conquer it all
So I will make this happen
My immortality
And so when I look
Towards eternity
I can’t help but grin
Because the Galaxy
Has never seen
The likes of me

Last Night (Interactive Poetry)

Great poet over at These Words I Write go check him out! He gave me three words to write a poem with and they were (Haze, Fountain, and Sour) and I had a lot of fun writing this one!

Last Night

Thinking back on last night
It’s all such a haze
I think I got into a fight
But I cant remember I was so crazed
I was drinking out of a fountain
But it surely wasn’t water
Because the next thing you know im on a mountain
And it was so much hotter
So I had to take off all my clothes
While the dehydration kicked in
All my progress slowed
Then the world started to spin
And I was lying naked in the snow
Quencing my thirst but the snow tasted sour
That’s when the wind started to blow
Remembering I had no clothes so I started to cower
Then something hit my head
And my world went black
I probably should be dead
Someone must have had my back
Because im lying naked in my den
I guess that means its time to start again

Martial Arts (Interactive Poetry)

My friend over at Said With an Eye really does love to challenge me. The words she gave me this time were (Shrubbery, Tiles, and Dumplings) and I was at loss of what to write about. But in the end my love of martial arts movie gave me some inspiration!

Martial Arts

Have you ever seen a martial arts movie
Where they can break floor tiles
And beat up people with their feet not uzis
With all these different martial arts styles
Tai Chi, Judo, Muay Thai, and Wing-Chun
From so many differen’t places
The Philippines and the land of the Rising Sun
They all come from so many spaces
And when you see them on screen
You stare at them with shock
At all the different scenes
As they break and shatter rocks
How do these people avoid crumbling
When they’re diving and hiding in shrubbery
Well by eating fried rice and dumplings
And this leads them all to recovery

A Price to Pay (Interactive Poetry)

The wonderful writer over at Acting My Life wanted to participate in my interactive poetry this week! The words they gave me were (89, Time, and Crime) and to be quite honest it came out as less of a poem and more of a story with a rhyming scheme, but I still think you all will enjoy it!

A Price to Pay

I put down the phone
“Billy come over here”
What is it gramps he moaned
“Theres something you need to hear”

With that he came and sat down
“I’ll make this brief for you”
“I’m not gonna be around”
“Much longer as this is something I have to do”

“But first let me tell you a story”
“Of a long time ago back in 89”
“When your grandad sought glory”
“I tried to make the world mine”

I had his attention now
But I was running out of time
“I wanted it all, but didn’t know how”
“To get it, so I resorted to a life of crime”

I could hear the sirens
My time was almost gone
“I became a monster, a tyrant”
“Making my way to the top through brawn”

“But gramps” he started to say
I had to interrupt him though
“Listen Billy, I have to go away”
“I just wanted you to know”

“That making your way to the top”
“By trampling on other is not the way”
“And the birth of your mother is why I stopped”
“But back then I wasn’t willing to pay”

“For all that I had done”
“But now that im old and i’ve had time to reflect”
“I realize that I can no longer run”
“And its time to own up to all my past regrets”

Outside a car door shut, so I said goodbye
I hope in my story he can find some advice
As I go to the meet the police I try not to cry
I’ve lived a good life and it’s time to pay the price

Someone to Love (Interactive Poetry)

The wonderful writer in her own right (also hilarious) Amanda @She_nutt on twitter agreed to participate in my interactive poetry this week. Her words that she gave me were (Open, Tender, and Soft) and here’s what I created ‘

Someone to Love

We all want that someone
With whom we can be open
To laugh with and have fun
And to trust without fear of being broken
Someone we can fight
With, but can’t stay mad at
If we are in the dark they will be our light
And the sight of them will knock us flat
We want to hear their voices soft
As they whisper so tender
Into our ears and bring our spirits aloft
To live alongside their splendor
We want someone who we can trust
Someone who would never shove
Us away and into the dust
We all want someone we can love

Bad day (Interactive Poetry)

My friend over at Said With An Eye continues to challenge during my interactive poetry. Her words this time were (Blender, Textbook, and Windshield) which was not an easy combination but here is what I came up with.

Bad Day

Sometimes I feel like im in a blender
Going round and round getting sliced
By all of mother nature’s not so tender
And plentiful vices
For example when I walk outside
Into the pouring rain
With nowhere to hide
Its not as if water brings pain
But with nothing but a textbook
To hold above my head
And my car seemingly nowhere I look
It fills me with a certain dread
That when I finally get behind the wheel
And I forget Im supposed to yield
That I just might find out how it feels
To go flying through your windshield

Jukebox Breakdown (Interactive Poetry)

The great guy over at Jukebox Breakdown agreed to participate in my interactive poetry again! His words for this week were (Inspire, Frustration, Collapse) and heres what I came up with

I Quit

Finally home I can collapse
After long a day of frustration
Dealing with the every day traps
Of trying to have a normal conversation
With your bosses son
Who thinks he should inspire
You to shine like a sun
But all he does is make me wish to retire
Day after day I listen to his ceaseless chatter
While he takes credit for all that I do
It’s as if nothing I do will ever matter
I can’t do this forever I can no longer listen to you
So you know what I’m done with your shit
Tell your Dad I quit

Noisy Songbird (Interactive Poetry)

One of my really close friends the fantastic writer over at Noisy Songbird agreed to participate in my interactive poetry. Her words that she gave me were (Ambivalent, Plethora, and Adore.) It is a tad morbid but I still feel that the overall result was good.

One Way Friendship

Put down time and time again
Can leave you quite ambivalent
Even if it is quite a drain
When I feel like everyone’s instrument
Some people have a plethora
Of friends but I do not
But people act as if i have this aura
As if I have something they’ve always sought
I’m someone they can talk to
But I can’t talk to them
Because they don’t care about what I do
You see to them I am some hidden gem
Someone for them to use
And act like they adore
When all I get from them is abuse
They dont even care if I drop dead on the floor