Kira Burton (Interactive Poetry)

Another writer everyone should go check out over at Kira Burton. She decided she was going to try and challenge me with some tricky words for my interactive poetry – and she succeeded. With her words being (Mercurial, Superfluous, and Circle) this was definitely really challenging for me to write. Let me know how I did!

Running in Circles

As people our emotions often change
Our minds open to change, our temperaments mercurial
We cycle through our life’s exchanges
Our good moments we turn into memorials
Ignoring the present we immerse ourselves in the past
Crying that evil in this world is superfluous
That our time goes by much too fast
And that our world is far too humorless
Focusing so much on whats behind
And not whats ahead
Delving so far into the depths of our minds
We become depressed instead
Of enjoying life while we can
But rather we trip over all of life’s hurdles
None of us bother to try and understand
That we’re only running in circles


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