Little Big Heart (Interactive Poetry)

The great writer over at Dees Daily Journal wanted to participate in my interactive poetry this week! Their words for me were (Little, Grand, Munchkin) and heres what I came up with

Little Big Heart

Not everyone is tall in height
Some of us are born little
Too short to ever be Knights
Even though we’re small not brittle
We can be grand
We are not your munchkins
Our personalities are how we stand
Taller than you, while staring at your shins
Don’t underestimate us
Because we look different from you
We can drive and take the bus
Just as you do
We are simply human beings
That’s what we want you to begin seeing

Interactive Poetry Week 10

I apologize for not having my interactive poetry last week! I was real busy with studying and school. But I have some time this week and so I want to invite you all to come participate in my interactive poetry again!

As always the rules are im asking for 3-4 words related or not – it doesn’t matter. I will then incorporate those words into a poem. And if you desire I will give you 3-4 words of my own for you to create something with as well! So leave a comment and lets have some fun.

Acid Trip (Interactive Poetry)

My friend over at Said With An Eye wanted to give me some words to make some poetry with! Those words were (Quiet, Acid, Roller Coaster) and heres what I came up with!

Acid Trip

That was absolutely crazy
There were so many highs
My mind is still hazy
I think I tried to fly
Which led to a bad trip
It was like a roller coaster
I was trying to keep my grip
Waiting for it all to be over
It was great and terrible
Im not sure that acid
Is a drug thats bearable
Without an antacid
And an environment thats quiet
Im not even sure its done
Its like theres a riot
In here, this isn’t fun
I swear the shadows on my wall
Are moving, damn im tripping balls

The R Word

The R Word

A quick Google search will affirm that there are over one million words in the English language. One million words to choose from, and yet people still choose to use the word “retard” as an insult. Now, I feel I must preface the rest of this post by saying that I am a very vulgar person, and much of what you will hear me say at any given moment is riddled with profanity. However, you will never hear me using the “R word,” because it’s an insensitive, ignorant, and offensive choice of words. I can’t sit here and tell you that I have never used the word, because I have.  I used it when I was much younger and uneducated – when I thought it would be the “cool” word to use. The R word is never “cool” and it is never going to be cool.

Since I stopped using the word, it’s always been one of those things where I am compelled to speak up if I ever hear it.  They often disregard what I say as common knowledge, and that they didn’t mean it like that.  In retrospect, my response should have been to ask them “Well, what did you mean?” because there is really no other way to interpret what they said.  When people say that word, they take one aspect of people’s intellectual disability (which is the proper term) and use it to define them as a whole. By using the R word, you are making the connotation that being associated with a person who has an intellectual disability is a bad thing. No matter what the reason, and no matter how you mean to use the word, it is offensive to everyone around you, because the intent is to use it as an insult.

You may ask yourself: how is that offensive to me? I may not have an intellectual disability, or any relatives with one, but I can still recognize that the use of the word is wrong. Continuing to use the word perpetuates the idea that those with intellectual disabilities are somehow less important, and that is so far from the truth. All people are capable of being valuable members to their communities and to society as a whole. I recently attended a “Spread the Word to End the Word” event at my university.  At this event, I had the opportunity to hear from individuals with intellectual disabilities. Almost all of them had jobs whether they be full or part time. All of them had activities in which they participated, and many of them enjoyed multiple activities such as sports and community outreach programs. They all had lives, and they all worked just as hard, if not harder, than you and me without disabilities, because that’s what they have to do. So, why strip them down to their medical conditions? They are so much than that.

I admit that I am ashamed that I had never heard of the “Spread the Word to End the Word” movement before I attended the event on my campus this month. The campaign was started at a national summit during the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2009, and I just heard about it 3 months into 2015. That is unacceptable, especially given that since this movement has started, many notable celebrities, sports figures, musicians, and political figures have been quoted using the R word. Politicians such as Rahm Emanuel, the former White House Chief of Staff, Martin Harty, a New Hampshire state legislator, and notable conservative Ann Coulter, have all been caught using the R word. Celebrities such as: Jennifer Aniston, Kirstie Alley, and Lady Gaga, have also used the R word. Sports superstar Lebron James used the R word in one of his postgame interviews. And most recently, in 2013, superstar rapper J-Cole used the R word in one his songs. While most of these people have apologized for their use of the word, I feel that the many of their apologies aren’t sincere. I feel that they only apologized in order to avoid alienating parts of their fan bases.

The fact remains that I have heard more about people in the news using the word than I have about the people who are actually trying to end the use of the word. That is a tragedy in my eyes. People with intellectual disabilities are no less of a human being than you or me. If you are someone who has used the word in the past, or continues to use the term, then I urge you to think about your word choice.  You don’t know whom around you that may be offending. Whether it’s a mother, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, friend, or anyone else.  The point is, there is no reason to use the word when it only serves to oppress and to offend.

Lastly, I would like to urge you all to go over to and make your pledge to stop the use of the R word. A simple and small way do your part to make a better world for everybody else.

Shame (Interactive Poetry)

Another recurring visitor to my interactive poetry for us this week! Great writer from A Teens Insight her words for me were (Disgust, Disappear, Excitement, and Thrill) and heres what I came up with


Have you ever felt a thrill
Followed closely by disgust
Intense joy that fills
You up like stuffed crust
But what comes after
Will make you rear
Back, listening to their laughter
All you’ll want is to disappear
Because all that excitement
Isn’t worth this feeling
That has left me frightened
I want to begin the healing
But I don’t know
If I’ll ever be rid of their blame
And this constant woe
Because this is the feeling of shame

Party Crasher (Interactive Poetry)

Another repeat visitor to my interactive poetry! These Words I Write gave me some words to work with this week and they were (Dance, Cheesecake, and Invitation) and heres what I came up with.

Party Crasher

I want my invitation
To the big celebration bash
At this huge party location
If not invited I will crash
This big summer soirée
All their food, pastries, cheesecakes
I will make them regret the day
They made such a critical mistake
And didn’t invite me
To their special little dance
I’ll show them all they’ll see
How they shoulda gave me a chance
Matter of fact let me get drunk
And head over there now
Show them how I’m such a slam dunk
They’ll all be saying wow
How could we have been so ignorant
He’s so impressive when drunk and belligerent

My Space (Interactive Poetry)

Awesome writer over at The Outpouring of my Heart agreed to participate in my interactive poetry this week. Their words for me were (Independent, Relationships, Love) and heres what I came up with.

My Space

When we’re in love
It’s hard be independent
When someone wants all of
Your attention
And is dependent
On your relationship
So how can you keep
Your space
Without making them weep
How strong is your bond
If it cannot withstand
Some distance
Then it was never very strong
To begin with
So if your partner feels clingy
Don’t be afraid to
Ask for some time alone
Because some times we all
Need space to breathe

Trials of Today ( Interactive Poetry)

My friend on Twitter @she_nutt threw a few words at my face for my interactive poetry. The words were – (Softly, Beyond, Today) and heres what I came up with.

Trials of Today

I want to break
Out onto the scene
Like a Lion
I want the world
To hear me roar
Hiding their eyes
From my radiance
But this is never
How things work out
Because all my fears
That I try to contain
Build and burst
To the surface
Causing me to trip
And crash silently
Ever so softly
Into the world
And they say the future
Is mine
Yet I struggle
To see beyond
My own two feet
So how can I
Conquer tomorrow
When I cant even
Handle today

Interactive Poetry Week 9

I’d like to apologize for not posting that much recently – I have been very busy and very stressed with school lately. With that said however I would like to keep doing this interactive poetry with you all as I find it to be quite fun. This week the same guidelines apply. I am asking you to give me 3-4 words related or not it doesn’t matter – I will then incorporate those words into a poem and post it with a shout out to your blogs. And if you are interested I will give you 3-4 words of mine for you to write a creative piece (poem, story, whatever) with. If you would like to participate drop a comment with some words for me!