Our Words (Interactive Poetry)

I was a little slow getting going this week but here we go! Arisa over at Live, Love, Laugh, and Let It Go gave me some words to create some poetry with! The words were (Electric, Masterpiece, and Birds) let me know how I did!

Our Words

Sometimes we hit highs
And we soar like birds
Flying across the sky
When everyone understands our words
And the atmosphere feels electric
Everything we put down is fantastic
Even when our attitude is eccentric
Our sense of humors sarcastic
We feel as though
We can create masterpieces
And we want to show
Who we are before we are deceased
So come look at us now
While we are on top
And allow us to wow
You all before we drop
And cannot go on
See us before we’re all gone

Interactive Story Prompt

So here’s the story prompt that I wrote for you guys to continue! I would say try and keep it semi-brief so we can keep the story going, and I’ll have an easier time keeping it going from what you guys write! But I hope you like it and I hope you guys have fun writing what comes next!

Oh come on, don’t die on me now, I thought as a loud bang sounded and the car sputtered to a stop. “Of course, today of all days, this happens,” I muttered while getting out of the car. “Well, let’s see what the problem is.” I lifted up the hood of the car to see what the damage was. Shit, the engine is shot, there is no way I’m fixing that, I thought.

Well, that’s just great, I’m out on a sparsely traveled mountain road, at night, with no cell service. I’m too far from the cabin to reasonably expect to walk there. Well this is just great, I thought bitterly. “Guess I have to start heading down the mountain then,” I muttered as I started walking down the long mountain road. So many trees on either side of me, I can’t see a thing. This feels like the start of some terrible horror movie, I thought, chuckling quietly to myself. It figures the moon isn’t even visible tonight. Can’t believe I didn’t think to pack a flashlight. What idiot goes up to a cabin in the mountains without packing a flashlight? I thought, berating myself.

I should have wore warmer clothes. The wind is really picking up and there is no way I am getting down this mountain before sunrise, I thought miserably. “Sounds like the animals are out tonight,” I whispered to myself as I heard what sounded like wolves in the distance. “If this really was a horror movie, it would probably be about now that I’d start seeing eyes or something in the bushes on the side of the road.” I chuckled loudly to myself.

What was that? I stopped to listen. I could have sworn I heard something on the side of the road. I watch too many movies, I’m psyching myself out right now, I reasoned with myself as I continued to walk, albeit a bit more quickly now. “There’s nothing to worry about! I’ve been up on these mountains hundreds of times and nothing has ever happened,” I reassured myself.

Huh, sounds like those wolves are closer than befo- What was that? I thought, interrupting myself. There is definitely something out there. This isn’t some trick of my mind, I definitely heard something. “If someone’s out there… come out!” I shouted at the forest, but the rustling noise was just getting louder and closer. “Screw this!” I started to run.

            I hadn’t gone more than two steps before I saw them coming at me. ”Oh thank God! Headlights!” I ran towards them.  

Interactive Story Writing

So along with my interactive poetry I have been thinking of other ways to make my blog more interactive. What I had in mind isn’t unique but I thought it would be fun to try with you guys if you’re interested. I thought it would be cool to start a story here and then challenge you guys to carry on the story! It wouldn’t be a long story and your responses wouldn’t have to be super long just a continuation of what I started. But first I want to see if any of you guys are interested – so let me know in the comments!