JukeBox Beatdown (Interactive Poetry)

My friend (and great writer) over at JukeBox Beatdown wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! And so he gave me his three words – (Darkness, Overflowing, and Flame) and here is what I created with those words.

Fight to Survive

A land where evil was overflowing
Where light was masked by darkness
And all the rivers had stopped flowing
The people had no souls, were heartless
And the fields were all destroyed by fire
Making food a precious commodity
Forcing all men to run on desire
Hope would be lost if not for a long lost prophecy
That a small group of survivors
Would rise up and save the land
They would never quit for they were fighters
Armed with nothing but their hands
Against the masters of hate
They would end this dark game
By changing this lands fate
And putting evil to the flame


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