Interactive Poetry!

Hey everyone sorry for not being as active as I promised I would be. I have been sleepy and exhausted. SO heres how it works. You give me 3-4 words (related or not it doesnt matter) in the comments. I will then incorporate them into a poem. And if you would like I will give you some words of my own for you to do with as you would like.

So leave a comment below and lets get started.

(If I didnt get to your words last time im sorry. Please post them again and I will get them this time.)

Interactive Poetry Week Something

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been so not here still. Work is more tiring than I envisioned. But I think I am starting to get a handle on it. So as is the usual I am asking you for 3-4 random or related words which I will then incorporate into a poem. And if you want I can give you 3-4 words of my own choosing for you to work with. So leave a comment with the words you want me to use below and lets get started!

What are your fears?

I ask this in an effort to get to know you all more. To make this feel like more of a community and less informal. I am asking you to share 1 or 2 or however many fears of yours you have. Because I feel that what we are afraid of can say a lot about us. Big or small it doesn’t matter. I will go first.

One of my biggest fears I would have to say is the fear of failure. I’m afraid of failing what i’ve set out to do. Of failing myself and my family. It’s one of those closet fears that I try to keep hidden under the surface but it so often bubbles up to the surface and rears its ugly head. There’s not a lot to say about this fear but it’s a big one and I thought I would share it.

Another fear of mine is of death. Not of myself necessarily but of my family. It’s hard to picture a world without them. They’ve been there my entire life (shocker right?) and trying to imagine what it would be like without is absolutely horrifying. Thats the type of thing that keeps me up at night. I understand death is a part of life but to be honest that really doesn’t make these thoughts any easier to bear. So yeah it scares me.

Those are two of my fears. I chose two pretty serious ones but you don’t have to at all. You could talk about spiders or snakes or blood just to name a few. Just say a little bit about why. And yeah I am looking forward to seeing what you all have to say. Last time I asked you guys what your goals were and you all responded amazingly. So I cant wait to hear from you this time.

Interactive Poetry Week 10

I apologize for not having my interactive poetry last week! I was real busy with studying and school. But I have some time this week and so I want to invite you all to come participate in my interactive poetry again!

As always the rules are im asking for 3-4 words related or not – it doesn’t matter. I will then incorporate those words into a poem. And if you desire I will give you 3-4 words of my own for you to create something with as well! So leave a comment and lets have some fun.

Interactive Poetry Week 7

And here we go! Another week of poetry with you all! As before I am asking you for 3-4 words they can be random or related it does not matter and I will incorporate them into a poem. To make it more fun I will provide you with 3-4 words of my own for you to create some creative piece with! So drop a comment with your words and lets get started!

Interactive Poetry Week 5

Here we go again! As before give me 3 – 4 words (they can be related or random – it doesn’t matter!) and I will incorporate them into a poem. And if you want a challenge of your own I can give you 3-4 words to create a poem with as well!

So please leave a comment with your words and I will get to writing!

What are your goals?

I want to know more about all you awesome people! I’d like to invite you all to share one or more of your goals with me – big or small! Whatever you want to share – I want to hear.

I’ll go first

I’ll share one of my goals that you all may not know about me. At some point in my life I want to do a TED talk. I don’t know on what yet, but I do know that I want to do one. I feel like I could really do a great TED talk on something if I really set my mind to it! Hope that doesn’t sound conceited! There are so many things I am passionate about and I would just really love to share that passion with everybody else on such an elevated platform. So here’s to hoping!

My second goal I’d like to share with you all is my desire to become a critical care/ER nurse. I am currently a nursing student and the area I want to specialize in is critical care because that’s the area that hits closest to me as I spent a lot of time growing up in the ER with my mother. So to me its my way of both fulfilling my need to help people and giving back to the same people who helped my mother and I.

Those are a couple of my goals and if you’re willing i’d love to hear what drives you and what you hope to accomplish!

Interactive Poetry (Week 3)

I’ve been really enjoying interacting with you all these past couple weeks, and I’ve been having a blast writing the poems with the words that you all give me. So I would like to do it again this week. But instead of just having me write the poems this week I thought it could be more of an exchange. If you give me 3 words of your choosing to write a poem with – I will in turn give you 3 words of my own for you to write your own poem with. Or if you aren’t a big poetry writer you could write a short story or whatever creative writing you want with them. Just to make the whole thing even more interactive!

So leave me your three words in the comments and I will respond with my own. Looking forward to what you guys come up with!