Never the Same

You never did say much
During any of the holidays
Grunting at everything we touched
Disapproving looks  at all we would say
Sometimes you’d argue with us
Before retreating away
Because we would cuss
And nobody made you stay
But without you
The holidays seem so hollow
I never knew
That you were this family’s glue
I didn’t think anything
Could extinguish your flame
But cancer clipped your wings
And now things will never be the same

Interactive Poetry (Week 2)

Seeing as how  my test run of interactive poetry with everyone went so well last week. I thought I would continue it again this week! And as with last week all I’m asking for is 3 words from you and a little bit patience, and hopefully we can come up with some pretty cool poetry together. And if you gave me three words last week don’t be afraid to give me 3 more words this week. Just remember the words don’t need to have a theme just whatever you want me to try and incorporate into a poem!

Why I Write

I want my words to have meaning
For people to want to listen
To me when I am speaking
And to read what I have written
I want my life to matter
So when it seems that no one cares
The illusion starts to shatter
And life gets harder to bear
I question my choices
The directions I’ve gone
Friends i’ve made and all the voices
I’ve heard, and the conclusions ive drawn
So when I think back on all these years
It makes me feel so insignificant
And my heart starts to fill with fear
But all that can change in an instant
When someone comes to you
And they say to you that your words
Have helped them to push through
All the obstacles and all the swords
I realize that fame is secondary
Because if I can help one person
Thats all that is necessary
For me to carry on, of this im certain

Mush N Moon (Poetry Interaction)

The very first person to have their words made into a poem for my new poetry interaction was the lovely writer over at The words they gave me were Mushroom, Moon, and Beginning – and I had to turn them into a poem – let me know how I did!

A Fistful of Fire

In the very beginning
There was a boy atop a giant mushroom
Who watched the world keep spinning
But he was filled with such gloom
As there was no more sun
And there was no more moon
How was he to have any fun
When it was dark even at noon
He never knew when to sleep
When he did he never knew when to wake
His days often ended and began with a weep
Loneliness was driving his mind to break
From atop his mushroom peak he looked down
He decided it was finally the day
Down from the clouds he descended with a bound
Darkness surrounded him every which way
Instead of giving up he chose to fight
He found a way to create what he desired
Lifting his gloom he created light
And lit up the world with a fistful of fire

Interactive Poetry

So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get people more interactive with this blog and I. I didn’t really have any ideas until I remembered how I used to come up with ideas for my poetry. I used to have people give me 3 words – 3 random words they don’t have to be related, and they don’t need to have any underlying theme – they just need to be 3 words. The words can be whatever you want silly, serious, sad, happy, any anything else you can think of. Let me give you a few examples of what i’m talking about just to make sure you understand.

For this poem someone gave me the words – (Shaking, Mind, Fun – It’ll make more sense if you know that it was finals week)

Nerves have you shaking
Your mind is off racing
This ordeal is pain staking
You need to begin and stop bracing
Completion will bring relief
So focus your mind
Dont stress and bring yourself grief
And you will find
Its all done
Now its time for fun

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A Shot of PTSD

a short story

Walking into the bar I know I wont last long
There is no bar in town that will serve me more than one drink
Because if they do ill start swinging like king kong
I just cant stand drinking at home, I don’t want him to see me sink

So I take a seat and order my shot
The bartender laughs in disgust as he passes it to me
I pound it down and he sends me to rot
Now to pick up my son from my mothers and flee

On the way from the door he bumps into her car
And suddenly I’ve dropped to the ground
As her car alarm has taken me back to a land torn apart
Where death is the norm and bullets fly around

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The Weight of the World

I wrote this with a friend of mine. 

This piercing rain pours down
Droplets striking the windowpane furiously
Forever torturing this lowly town
The wind caressing my skin in curiosity

As I stare out into this shattered land
My world is crumbling as I remain dormant
Holding up the remains with a broken hand
Like giant Atlas at his strongest

Now it’s broken and falls around me
Hope begins to fade whilst desolation spreads
In this vast expanse death is what I see
I take a deep breath, and carefully I tread

Enveloped in this persistent mist I move on
Desperately seeking for something to free me
But in this game I am nothing but a pawn
Hollow spirits roam in this empty sea

Dark and sinister an endless storm
The sky filled by a forsaken grey
Constant rain breaking morale is the norm
I hungrily search for the light of the new day

Though I know shadows rule this land
My determination cannot be surpassed
Sifting through these endless sands
I find that salvation is within my grasp

Broken pieces come together to mend
Fixing the puzzle that was damaged and torn,
My strength, my resolve will not bend
Through my work the world is reborn