Mush N Moon (Poetry Interaction)

The very first person to have their words made into a poem for my new poetry interaction was the lovely writer over at The words they gave me were Mushroom, Moon, and Beginning – and I had to turn them into a poem – let me know how I did!

A Fistful of Fire

In the very beginning
There was a boy atop a giant mushroom
Who watched the world keep spinning
But he was filled with such gloom
As there was no more sun
And there was no more moon
How was he to have any fun
When it was dark even at noon
He never knew when to sleep
When he did he never knew when to wake
His days often ended and began with a weep
Loneliness was driving his mind to break
From atop his mushroom peak he looked down
He decided it was finally the day
Down from the clouds he descended with a bound
Darkness surrounded him every which way
Instead of giving up he chose to fight
He found a way to create what he desired
Lifting his gloom he created light
And lit up the world with a fistful of fire


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