July Tan (Interactive Poetry)

Another great poet over at July Tan wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! So they chose their words to give me and they were – (Tree, Warm, and Eyes) I took it a very different direction than I thought I would when I sat down to write it. So let me know how I did!

Veiled Danger
It is beyond warm
As I walk through the trees
And the sky continues to storm
The wind throws me with its breeze
The moon is hidden by the clouds
I’m starting to feel some unrest
As if something is here behind a shroud
Because i’ve walked into their nest
Deeper and deeper I go
My unease grows when I see their eyes
Flahses of lightning making them glow
Turning around would probably be wise
But i’m so far off the path
There is no more going back
I must push on and face their wrath
Hopefully I can get back on track
Thats when I hear an unearthly growl
Directly in front of me
What beast could make a noise so foul
I scream out a plea
To anyone who might be there
Then I see it begin to leap
If anyones there they do not care
I fall to my knees and I weep
Because as the beast descends
I know this is the end

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