Never the Same

You never did say much
During any of the holidays
Grunting at everything we touched
Disapproving looks  at all we would say
Sometimes you’d argue with us
Before retreating away
Because we would cuss
And nobody made you stay
But without you
The holidays seem so hollow
I never knew
That you were this family’s glue
I didn’t think anything
Could extinguish your flame
But cancer clipped your wings
And now things will never be the same

Florida (Interactive Poetry)

I am so incredibly late with this but with this but better late than never. My friend at The Outpourings of My Heart gave me some words (Fetish, Florida, Fishing, Fathom) and heres what I came up with. (Its not so much a poem as it is a bunch of F words.)


Try and fathom
All the fishing
In Florida
The fun
The freaks
And Fetishes
And Fantasies
Is Fantastic
And its Frightening

Devolution (Interactive Poetry)

Im so late on posting this one and I apologize I have just been really tired out by work. The words were given to me by Josh from My Friday Blog and the words were (Devolution, Insidious, Content,) And heres what I came up with.


When you think of devolution
The shifting sands of power
Through lineage or revolution
Any day month or hour
Through civil or more insidious
Means, we watch the transitions
With our eyes so fastidious
As people pursue their ambitions
Taking everything to their hearts content
And making countless demands
They should enjoy their moments
Because power inevitably changes hands

Life or Death? (Interactive Poetry)

More words from my friends on twitter! This time from @wendyweth her words for me were (Poison, Hopscotch, Sunshine, and Feast) and im pretty happy with the end product! Let me know what you think below!

Life or Death?

When the worlds ended
And the air is poison
Will you be one of the ascended
One of the chosen
Or will you burn from the sunshine
Will you live underground
Will you drown in your wine
Will you be able to rebound
To get up and play hopscotch
With the kids that remain
Or will things end on your watch
Will you succumb to your disdain
Will you blow the remaining resources
On an extravagant feast
Will this be your course
Will you fall to your inner beast
When the world dies
Will you bother to stay alive

Stolen Mannequins (Interactive Poetry)

The challenges never cease! This time from @GahBr0wnTZ on twitter! Their words for me were (Paraphernalia, Shenanigans, Reconnoiter, Discombobulated) but I think I managed to pull it off! Let me know below!

Stolen Mannequins

I’ve been dispatched
To check out some shenanigans
I must find and catch
Who stole all the mannequins
I need to reconnoiter the area
There was a big robbery
Before theres any hysteria
But I couldnt get to the property
They’re necessary paraphernalia
How else can we display our fashion
These are special their the regalia
They’re our queens secret passion
But honestly im discombobulated
They seem to have just vanished
And from such a populated
Area, how did the culrpit manage
To steal our queens prize
I’ll have to report back
See the disappointment in her eyes
But when I enter into her halls
I see the stolen mannequins
I guess thats the curtain call
Because our culprit has a silly grin

The Smell (Interactive Poetry)

More challenging words from my friends on twitter! This time from my friend @thebevelblog his words for me were (Olid, Flummox, Chrome, and Luggage Rack) but I think I did alright with them! Let me know how I did below!

The Smell
Honestly I have to say im flummoxed
By this smell so olid
Is it this rotting hummus
Whatever it is it’s well hid
Is it on the luggage rack
No, is it in the car
This is so bad like a personal attack
My sense of smell is getting scarred
I can’t find the source
I even searched under the chrome
I checked the horses
Everywhere in my home
Yet Im still catching whiffs
What could it possibly be
But then I took a big sniff
And realized the smell was me

Atop Mesas (Interactive Poetry)

Damn my friends on twitter are giving me some tricky words this week. This time it was @CaffeineAndHate and his words for me were (Effluvia, Mesa, Salacious, and Pork) I think did alright but I feel its a bit wordy. Let me know what you think!

Atop Mesas

Have you ever been to the southwest
Tasted the cooking of our neighbors
Down south, have you been their guests
You have to taste the fruit of their labors
Life isnt complete until you try their pork
Until you’ve met women so salacious
Who will bring out bottles to be uncorked
Theres nothing wrong with being flirtatious
So dont misinterpret my words
Its a wonderful experience
To go down south and see the birds
Hike up the hills and see the brilliance
Stand atop the many mesas
Breathe the air thats free of effluvia
So go down and visit sooner rather than later
And maybe you can get high off some salvia

Mad Scientist (Interactive Poetry)

My first poem of the week was inspired by friend on twitter @NikkiMoi. She gave me 4 words for my interactive poetry and I think I nailed it! The words I was given were (Pandemonium, Cloister, Serendipity, and Fortuitous) and heres what I came up with.

Mad Scientist

Some might call me fortuitous
For all my serendipitous discoveries
I say its because im circuitous
I tell doubters dont worry about recovery
Theres logic in the pandemonium
Inside of the chaos is my cloister
I dont experiment for the podium
I search for the pearls inside the oysters
If you’d like call me crazy
But science is what you make of it
And I wont let anyone call me lazy
Theres no time to rest, no time to sit
I will discover all that exists
Let it be known im a mad scientist

Math (Interactive Poetry)

My friend Cassidy at The Outpourings of my Heart got a little clever with me this week and gave me the words – Add, Your, Comment. For my interactive poetry, but I think I handled them well.


All my life i’ve hated math
I can subtract and I can add
After that I fall off the path
Really im just so bad
I cant process all those numbers
So please hold your
Judgment, dont laugh at my blunders
Math makes my head sore
Matter of fact stop listening to me
Im about to unleash a torrent
Of things that will make you flee
My Comments
Are about to be obscene

Rainbow Deathmetal (Interactive Poetry)

My friend and amazing writer from Said With An Eye loves to challenge me with weird words for my interactive poetry. And she succeeded yet again with (Rainbow, Unicorn, Deathmetal) but I think I did okay! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Rainbow Deathmetal

I don’t care what people say
Or what people think
I just do me each and every day
I choose not to drink
My shirt has Unicorns
And it has rainbows
You may choose to scorn
The places that I go
And the music that I listen to
You just lack the mettle
That is required of you
To wear rainbows to a concert of deathmetal