Sunshine Blogger Award


I was nominated for the sunshine blogger award by my friend Mikayla over at The Outpourings of My Heart. Honestly its been a crazy summer in terms of how exhausted I’ve been. So the simple fact that she still thinks of me as one of her favorite blogs really makes me smile. So i’m grateful for that.

As for her questions
1. Why do I write? Well I write because it gives me an outlet to say what I mean and what i’m thinking where I otherwise could not. It allows me to relieve some stress. I write because I enjoy it, and I find it fun. I write that so maybe I can help people who have faced similar situations to me.

2. 2) What has writing done in your life? in other words, how has writing impacted your life? The biggest way I would say that writing has impacted my life would have to be in the way I think when I am speaking. I  don’t necessarily speak immediately anymore but rather I think about what I am about to say. I would say that this is a direct result of writing.

My Nominee

Would have included you Mikayla but you nominated me sooooo
Said With An Eye 

My question – I know you were facing writers block earlier, and I wanted to ask you how did you overcome that? Because I find myself in the midst of that this summer hard.

The rules I copied from the Transcend Blog

1) Thank the person who nominated you.

2) Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you.

3) Nominate some other bloggers for this award.

4) Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

5) Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

Interactive Poetry Week 5

Here we go again! As before give me 3 – 4 words (they can be related or random – it doesn’t matter!) and I will incorporate them into a poem. And if you want a challenge of your own I can give you 3-4 words to create a poem with as well!

So please leave a comment with your words and I will get to writing!

Interactive Poetry Week 4

So this week I was thinking of having you guys increase the amount of words you give me! From 3 – 4 (A huge increase I know!) And as with last week I think it would be fun to give you guys words of my own for you to work with! So if you are interested feel free to drop a comment with 3-4 words of your own.

Interactive Poetry (Week 3)

I’ve been really enjoying interacting with you all these past couple weeks, and I’ve been having a blast writing the poems with the words that you all give me. So I would like to do it again this week. But instead of just having me write the poems this week I thought it could be more of an exchange. If you give me 3 words of your choosing to write a poem with – I will in turn give you 3 words of my own for you to write your own poem with. Or if you aren’t a big poetry writer you could write a short story or whatever creative writing you want with them. Just to make the whole thing even more interactive!

So leave me your three words in the comments and I will respond with my own. Looking forward to what you guys come up with!

In Search of Glory (Interactive Poetry)

The hilarious and creative writer in her own right Amanda(@She_Nutt) agreed to participate in my interactive poetry. She gave me her three words (Light, Dark, and Glory) and I wrote my piece incorporating those words. It came out a tad morbid but still good I hope!

In Search of Glory

It feels like I just keep running
Mile after pain staking mile
My refusal to quit is stunning
As I continue this awful trial
Feeling as if this will never be over
Because that light
At the end of the tunnel never gets closer
And my chest feels so tight
My feet are moving slower
The world is going dark
And my eyelids are dropping lower
My heart has lost its spark
I ran so hard from my past
Trying to escape its horrors
So as I fall and breathe my last
Breath, I regret only looking forward
In my search of glory
Now im dying alone to end to my story

Interactive Poetry (Week 2)

Seeing as how  my test run of interactive poetry with everyone went so well last week. I thought I would continue it again this week! And as with last week all I’m asking for is 3 words from you and a little bit patience, and hopefully we can come up with some pretty cool poetry together. And if you gave me three words last week don’t be afraid to give me 3 more words this week. Just remember the words don’t need to have a theme just whatever you want me to try and incorporate into a poem!

Locked Away (Interactive Poetry)

Along with asking everyone here on WordPress if they wanted to participate in my interactive poetry I asked the people who follow me on Facebook as well. And a few people were interested and one of those people was my Aunt. She came up with three words and they were (Catapult, Blame, and Tick) which was a nice set of words granted catapult was difficult. But here’s what I came up with.

Locked Away

No one wants to be the one to blame
When things start to go bad
And so we try to mask our shame
By acting out and getting mad
We try to pit things on others
In order to relieve our own pain
Friends, mothers, sisters, brothers
Even if this lifestyle is an emotional drain
We continue to push on
As our life’s clock continues to tick
Until our sense of right and wrong is gone
Taking our lives apart brick by brick
All thats human is locked away
Sealed up tight behind our walls
And no matter what we say
We will never let you into these halls
You will never catch us off guard
Even if you bring battering rams and catapults
Your way in will always be barred
Because our hearts are locked away behind battered vaults

Mush N Moon (Poetry Interaction)

The very first person to have their words made into a poem for my new poetry interaction was the lovely writer over at The words they gave me were Mushroom, Moon, and Beginning – and I had to turn them into a poem – let me know how I did!

A Fistful of Fire

In the very beginning
There was a boy atop a giant mushroom
Who watched the world keep spinning
But he was filled with such gloom
As there was no more sun
And there was no more moon
How was he to have any fun
When it was dark even at noon
He never knew when to sleep
When he did he never knew when to wake
His days often ended and began with a weep
Loneliness was driving his mind to break
From atop his mushroom peak he looked down
He decided it was finally the day
Down from the clouds he descended with a bound
Darkness surrounded him every which way
Instead of giving up he chose to fight
He found a way to create what he desired
Lifting his gloom he created light
And lit up the world with a fistful of fire