Life or Death? (Interactive Poetry)

More words from my friends on twitter! This time from @wendyweth her words for me were (Poison, Hopscotch, Sunshine, and Feast) and im pretty happy with the end product! Let me know what you think below!

Life or Death?

When the worlds ended
And the air is poison
Will you be one of the ascended
One of the chosen
Or will you burn from the sunshine
Will you live underground
Will you drown in your wine
Will you be able to rebound
To get up and play hopscotch
With the kids that remain
Or will things end on your watch
Will you succumb to your disdain
Will you blow the remaining resources
On an extravagant feast
Will this be your course
Will you fall to your inner beast
When the world dies
Will you bother to stay alive

I Am a Stray Part 7

Before I post this part I wanted to thank you all for your patience. I have been really busy with school and this book is much more time consuming than all of my other writing. On a book related matter I need to work on my description of the weather more. I will more than likely being going over this and part 6 at some point soon and editing them to include a more whole description of the setting. With all that said I hope you enjoy this part and feedback is again encouraged!

“Alright Ethan, listen to me. I am going to draw them away and you are going to run around the left side of the bus.” I said in a rush. Why did I just say that? Why am I offering to risk my life for him? I thought, confused by my own words. “But what about you? What are you going to do? I can’t just leave you here!” He shouted at me gesturing wildly with the knife in his hand. “Look, I can lead them further to the right and then crawl under the bus to the other side, but you have to go, now!” I yelled back at him. He was looking at me now, as serious as I’d ever seen him. “Don’t die, kid.” He said, starting to run toward the opposite side of the bus.

Shit. That is a lot of zom- risen. It’s like there’s no end to them! I thought, panicky as the distance between me and them diminished rapidly. “Well, I best do something or we are both going to die on this bridge.” I muttered, jumping on top of a nearby car. “Hey! Assholes! Come get me! Come try a bite of me, you scumbags!” I screamed while banging the crowbar on the side of the car making as much noise as I could. There we go, come after me. I thought, pleased with myself as the risen who were chasing after Ethan turned and start coming towards me. Time to start my escape now!

            I hopped off the car and gave a quick glance towards the bus. “There is no way I am getting past them on the right side.” I muttered as I saw that the risen had just swarmed the entire right side of the bus. Start running, Dante. Start running. I thought, encouraging myself to start moving my feet. I’m going to have to do a loop around in order to give myself enough time to crawl under that bus. Relax your mind Dante, remember what the old man told you. When you’re in a crisis you need to remain calm, and keep focused on the task ahead of you. I remembered picturing the old man’s face as he lectured me.

His black hair sprinkled with more white than he cared to admit. His beard that covered most of his face and made him look like he was trying hard to grow a mountain man beard but couldn’t. The lines that showed under the corner of his eyes as he would speak. And that irritated look he always had when he was telling me something he thought was so obvious. Most of all I remembered the way his skin would fall off when he opened his jaw wide to bite me. Wait, what? “Oh shit” I yelled as my thoughts were interrupted by the risen I was about to run into. “I don’t want to die here!” I screamed throwing myself to the left to avoid running into its grasp. Dammit I thought as I tripped. Crap crap crap, he’s gonna eat me. It fell to the ground and was crawling toward me. “NO! I WON’T LET YOU GET ME TOO!” I roared jumping to my feet and swinging the crowbar towards its head.

The crowbar is stuck I can’t get it out! “I CAN’T GET IT OUT!” I screamed trying to yank the crowbar out of what used to be the things head.  Relax! Breathe! You killed it! You aren’t in the clear yet, Dante. I thought bringing myself back to reality. I could hear the other zombies now. Crap they caught up while I was dealing with this thing. I realized looking up only to see the massive crowd of risen I was kiting around lumbering towards me. I’m only 15 yards from the bus now. But there’s still too many of them on the right side for me to avoid. I am going to have to crawl under that bus. I thought taking off towards the bus leaving the crowbar behind. Why am I even doing this? Why am I risking my life for someone I just met? I could have always taken the supplies off his dead body. I don’t owe him anything. He doesn’t care about you! So why should you care about him? “Because he does care.” I muttered angrily as I jumped over a corpse that was long dead. For some reason I think he actually cares about me. It doesn’t make any sense we just met. Why do I care? Whatever focus you made it to the bus. “Peace zombies!” I laughed, crawling under the bus.

I can’t believe I made it! I somehow made it through all those Risen. “Ethan are you there?” I called out as I crawled out from the under the other side of the bus. Where the hell is he? I thought looking around for him. This side of the bridge is just as covered in the debris as the other half. Where could he be? I wondered looking around, and then I saw him about a hundred yards away by what looked like an old pickup truck. Why is he jumping up and down and flailing his arms at me? “DANTE RUN” He screamed pointing towards the top bus. What the hell? I thought looking around at the top bus only to see what looked like the same wolf beast from the subway. “I never should have broken that mirror.” I muttered starting to run.

I’m going to die. There is no way I can reach Ethan before that thing catches me. And even if I did then what we both die?  I can hear it getting closer. Just don’t look back Ethan will have an idea. He won’t let you die.

“Dante I am going to throw my knife at that thing.” He called out at me. “You’re going to what?!” That was not the kind of plan I had in mind. I thought nervously “Just keep running kid! You’re almost here!” He screamed as he threw his knife what seemed like inches from my head. “What the fuck, Ethan?” I panted out, but then I heard a whimper behind me and the pattering of feet stopped. “Why the hell did you do that?” I screamed at him pissed. “I just saved your life. Why are you complaining?” He screamed at back me. “Because you just threw a freaking knife at me!”I yelled as I caught up to him.

“Stop complaining just get in the truck kid I have an idea.” He told me as I caught my breath. “What are you going to do with this old thing? You certainly don’t have the keys.” I yelled at him. “I don’t need them. This side of the bridge is on a downward incline.” He said looking at me with a mischievous smile.

In My Head (Interactive Poetry)

The great writer over at Poisoned Red Apple wanted to give me a challenge for my interactive poetry, and wow they succeeded. The words they gave me were (Psyche, Vortex, Frostbite, and Puddles) and it took me a while to turn it into something that made any sort of sense, but here is what I came up with!

In My Head
I am trapped in my own psyche
How did I get here
Why do I take everything so lightly
I am beginning to fear

All these puddles
Lying around in my head
Why is everything so muddled
I shouldn’t be here, am I dead

Did I enter some sort of vortex
Into my very own mind
Nothing seems to be very complex
Is there something I should find

And why is it so cold
Shouldn’t it be warm
So my brain can withold
Nature and its storms

Honestly looking inside
Of my head makes me feel
Dumb, as if my brain is fried
I wonder if it needs to heal

None of this makes any sense
What is this red
Stuff, it feels a little dense
It’s blood, shit I must have bled

Damn that must mean im dying
This is supposed to be a out of body
Experience, and not just me trying
To figure out whats going on oddly

And I think Im getting frostbite
I guess im dead so that doesnt matter right
There isn’t really much to see
Well screw death, I am getting out of me

Interactive Poetry Week 7

And here we go! Another week of poetry with you all! As before I am asking you for 3-4 words they can be random or related it does not matter and I will incorporate them into a poem. To make it more fun I will provide you with 3-4 words of my own for you to create some creative piece with! So drop a comment with your words and lets get started!

Falling Short (Interactive Poetry)

Josh over at My Friday Blog decided this was the week he would participate in my interactive poetry! His words for me were (Success, Haunting, Slush) and heres what I came up with.

Falling Short

We all dream of success
But not all of us make it
Some of us cave to the stress
Even if we struggle to admit
Our goals are turning to slush
And our life is falling apart
We move around in such a rush
Putting so much stress on our hearts
Every choice is so haunting
And It feels like every decision
Has just left us wanting
The outcomes we had envisioned
We struggle with what we see
Because all we’ve ever done is work
Yet we aren’t what we wanted to be
Every other quality we’ve shirked
Now that stress has taken its toll
And we’ve missed our goals
We wish we’d had more fun
Instead of avoiding the sun

The Ripper (Interactive Poetry)

This would be the second poem I created using the words from @CptnFut. (Tragedy, Blood, Spectral, Whisper) tell me how I did!

The Ripper
Have you heard the story
Of the killer going around
With crimes so gory
You’d rather be drowned
In a raging flood
Than be caught in his van
He’ll drain your blood
This monster of a man
Hides in plain sight
He appears almost spectral
So plain in the light
His looks are nothing special
But inside there is a terror
A living breathing calamity
The sole bearer
Of so many tragedies
However whats most alarming
Is how he lures you in
Telling you his tale so charming
With his words and story he spins
That when he pulls out his knife
You’re unable to even whisper
And you’re scared for your life
Because you’re staring at the ripper
So come now follow the plan
And get into my van

A Hard Lesson (Interactive Poetry)

As well asking all you lovely people here on wordpress to participate in my interactive poetry I asked the wonderful people on twitter as well and a few people were interested! @CptnFut wanted to participate and he gave me 4 words to work with (Tragedy, Spectral, Blood, Whisper) and I actually created two poems and this is the first.

A Hard Lesson

Death is such a taboo subject
We’re afraid to discuss it
As if it’s something we can reject
Because we’re too afraid to admit
That it’s an inevitability
I was like this too
Caught up in my lifes stability
So when I lost you
My family, my own blood
I couldn’t face this tragedy
Emotions swept me away like a flood
Your loss was my first calamity
My life began to feel so spectral
As if I wasn’t really there
A nobody, an everyday nothing special
I had nothing to make people care
So I continued to exist
Listening to the whispers
Trying so hard to coexist
But no one listens to a drifter
So when I would try to explain
How I ended up grounded in reality
They never understood my pain
Of understanding our mortality

Interactive Poetry Week 5

Here we go again! As before give me 3 – 4 words (they can be related or random – it doesn’t matter!) and I will incorporate them into a poem. And if you want a challenge of your own I can give you 3-4 words to create a poem with as well!

So please leave a comment with your words and I will get to writing!

Interactive Poetry (Week 2)

Seeing as how  my test run of interactive poetry with everyone went so well last week. I thought I would continue it again this week! And as with last week all I’m asking for is 3 words from you and a little bit patience, and hopefully we can come up with some pretty cool poetry together. And if you gave me three words last week don’t be afraid to give me 3 more words this week. Just remember the words don’t need to have a theme just whatever you want me to try and incorporate into a poem!

Interactive Poetry

So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get people more interactive with this blog and I. I didn’t really have any ideas until I remembered how I used to come up with ideas for my poetry. I used to have people give me 3 words – 3 random words they don’t have to be related, and they don’t need to have any underlying theme – they just need to be 3 words. The words can be whatever you want silly, serious, sad, happy, any anything else you can think of. Let me give you a few examples of what i’m talking about just to make sure you understand.

For this poem someone gave me the words – (Shaking, Mind, Fun – It’ll make more sense if you know that it was finals week)

Nerves have you shaking
Your mind is off racing
This ordeal is pain staking
You need to begin and stop bracing
Completion will bring relief
So focus your mind
Dont stress and bring yourself grief
And you will find
Its all done
Now its time for fun

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