In Search of Glory (Interactive Poetry)

The hilarious and creative writer in her own right Amanda(@She_Nutt) agreed to participate in my interactive poetry. She gave me her three words (Light, Dark, and Glory) and I wrote my piece incorporating those words. It came out a tad morbid but still good I hope!

In Search of Glory

It feels like I just keep running
Mile after pain staking mile
My refusal to quit is stunning
As I continue this awful trial
Feeling as if this will never be over
Because that light
At the end of the tunnel never gets closer
And my chest feels so tight
My feet are moving slower
The world is going dark
And my eyelids are dropping lower
My heart has lost its spark
I ran so hard from my past
Trying to escape its horrors
So as I fall and breathe my last
Breath, I regret only looking forward
In my search of glory
Now im dying alone to end to my story

Fear and How We Handle It

“We are afraid of the enormity of the possible.” – Emile M. Cioran

Fear is an almost ever present emotion. Whether it be the fear of failure, of death or pain, of rejection, of the future, of ourselves, fear is and always will be a part of life. Fear is a problem not because it exists but because of the way we handle it. I don’t know if I know the right way to handle it because it is something I am still working on today, but what I do know is the wrong way to handle it.

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The Weight of the World

I wrote this with a friend of mine. 

This piercing rain pours down
Droplets striking the windowpane furiously
Forever torturing this lowly town
The wind caressing my skin in curiosity

As I stare out into this shattered land
My world is crumbling as I remain dormant
Holding up the remains with a broken hand
Like giant Atlas at his strongest

Now it’s broken and falls around me
Hope begins to fade whilst desolation spreads
In this vast expanse death is what I see
I take a deep breath, and carefully I tread

Enveloped in this persistent mist I move on
Desperately seeking for something to free me
But in this game I am nothing but a pawn
Hollow spirits roam in this empty sea

Dark and sinister an endless storm
The sky filled by a forsaken grey
Constant rain breaking morale is the norm
I hungrily search for the light of the new day

Though I know shadows rule this land
My determination cannot be surpassed
Sifting through these endless sands
I find that salvation is within my grasp

Broken pieces come together to mend
Fixing the puzzle that was damaged and torn,
My strength, my resolve will not bend
Through my work the world is reborn

Time: Our Most Valuable Asset

There’s no real way to begin this so I’ll just dive right in.

Over the past 3 years, I have a lost family member who meant a great deal to me. With 2014 being, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst year of my life – with the loss of my grandfather and some very stupid decisions on my part, I’ve been provided with some perspective. I should also mention that, over this semester, I’ve worked in geriatrics as a student nurse, so I have seen death and felt the impact that it brings.

Trying to imagine someone else’s perspective or point of view can be a daunting task for most, and understandably so. You haven’t seen what they’ve seen or gone through the things that they have gone through, but I’m going to ask you, here and now, to try and see my point of view.

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