Life or Death? (Interactive Poetry)

More words from my friends on twitter! This time from @wendyweth her words for me were (Poison, Hopscotch, Sunshine, and Feast) and im pretty happy with the end product! Let me know what you think below!

Life or Death?

When the worlds ended
And the air is poison
Will you be one of the ascended
One of the chosen
Or will you burn from the sunshine
Will you live underground
Will you drown in your wine
Will you be able to rebound
To get up and play hopscotch
With the kids that remain
Or will things end on your watch
Will you succumb to your disdain
Will you blow the remaining resources
On an extravagant feast
Will this be your course
Will you fall to your inner beast
When the world dies
Will you bother to stay alive


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