Stolen Mannequins (Interactive Poetry)

The challenges never cease! This time from @GahBr0wnTZ on twitter! Their words for me were (Paraphernalia, Shenanigans, Reconnoiter, Discombobulated) but I think I managed to pull it off! Let me know below!

Stolen Mannequins

I’ve been dispatched
To check out some shenanigans
I must find and catch
Who stole all the mannequins
I need to reconnoiter the area
There was a big robbery
Before theres any hysteria
But I couldnt get to the property
They’re necessary paraphernalia
How else can we display our fashion
These are special their the regalia
They’re our queens secret passion
But honestly im discombobulated
They seem to have just vanished
And from such a populated
Area, how did the culrpit manage
To steal our queens prize
I’ll have to report back
See the disappointment in her eyes
But when I enter into her halls
I see the stolen mannequins
I guess thats the curtain call
Because our culprit has a silly grin


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