The Smell (Interactive Poetry)

More challenging words from my friends on twitter! This time from my friend @thebevelblog his words for me were (Olid, Flummox, Chrome, and Luggage Rack) but I think I did alright with them! Let me know how I did below!

The Smell
Honestly I have to say im flummoxed
By this smell so olid
Is it this rotting hummus
Whatever it is it’s well hid
Is it on the luggage rack
No, is it in the car
This is so bad like a personal attack
My sense of smell is getting scarred
I can’t find the source
I even searched under the chrome
I checked the horses
Everywhere in my home
Yet Im still catching whiffs
What could it possibly be
But then I took a big sniff
And realized the smell was me


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