Mad Scientist (Interactive Poetry)

My first poem of the week was inspired by friend on twitter @NikkiMoi. She gave me 4 words for my interactive poetry and I think I nailed it! The words I was given were (Pandemonium, Cloister, Serendipity, and Fortuitous) and heres what I came up with.

Mad Scientist

Some might call me fortuitous
For all my serendipitous discoveries
I say its because im circuitous
I tell doubters dont worry about recovery
Theres logic in the pandemonium
Inside of the chaos is my cloister
I dont experiment for the podium
I search for the pearls inside the oysters
If you’d like call me crazy
But science is what you make of it
And I wont let anyone call me lazy
Theres no time to rest, no time to sit
I will discover all that exists
Let it be known im a mad scientist


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