Atop Mesas (Interactive Poetry)

Damn my friends on twitter are giving me some tricky words this week. This time it was @CaffeineAndHate and his words for me were (Effluvia, Mesa, Salacious, and Pork) I think did alright but I feel its a bit wordy. Let me know what you think!

Atop Mesas

Have you ever been to the southwest
Tasted the cooking of our neighbors
Down south, have you been their guests
You have to taste the fruit of their labors
Life isnt complete until you try their pork
Until you’ve met women so salacious
Who will bring out bottles to be uncorked
Theres nothing wrong with being flirtatious
So dont misinterpret my words
Its a wonderful experience
To go down south and see the birds
Hike up the hills and see the brilliance
Stand atop the many mesas
Breathe the air thats free of effluvia
So go down and visit sooner rather than later
And maybe you can get high off some salvia


8 thoughts on “Atop Mesas (Interactive Poetry)

    • Aye yeah the whole thing felt wordy to me honestly. It was honestly effluvia messing me up. I had to figure out a direction that I could take it that could incorporate that and the others.


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