Wendigo (Interactive Poetry)

Great writer from The Conkers Blog gave me some words that required a little research in order to write the poem. His words for me were (Wendigo, Awestruck, Skyline, Shell) I had no idea what the hell a wendigo was but I did some research and I think the final product is pretty good! Let me know what you think!


I stand here awestruck
At my own vile cravings
Everyday, every night I run amok
For me there is no saving
My victims all thresh
For I have become a wendigo
I have tasted human flesh
With each meal I grow
My body has become a shell
While I reach towards the skyline
My hunger cannot be quelled
That’s why I constantly dine
I am the emaciated terror
I stand among the trees
So learn from my errors
And be wary, my hunger will never be appeased


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