Memories in the Rain (Interactive poetry)

Awesome writer over at The Complexity of Being Me wanted to participate in my interactive poetry this week! Their words for me were (Rain, Passion, Desire, Song) and heres what I came up with!

Memories in the Rain

The heavy patter of the rain
Against the ceiling
Does not derail my minds train
And what it is I’m feeling
You’re always on my mind
Because It is you that I desire
The rain only serves to remind
Me of you and your attire
In nothing but shorts and a t shirt
Completely inappropriate for the rain
You danced around like at a concert
And your spirit never waned
It must’ve been your passion
That was keeping you warm
You looked vibrant while I was ashen
That’s why whenever it storms
I’m reminded of you
How you’d dance & sing your songs
I wish I somehow knew
Letting you go would be so wrong


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