What are your fears?

I ask this in an effort to get to know you all more. To make this feel like more of a community and less informal. I am asking you to share 1 or 2 or however many fears of yours you have. Because I feel that what we are afraid of can say a lot about us. Big or small it doesn’t matter. I will go first.

One of my biggest fears I would have to say is the fear of failure. I’m afraid of failing what i’ve set out to do. Of failing myself and my family. It’s one of those closet fears that I try to keep hidden under the surface but it so often bubbles up to the surface and rears its ugly head. There’s not a lot to say about this fear but it’s a big one and I thought I would share it.

Another fear of mine is of death. Not of myself necessarily but of my family. It’s hard to picture a world without them. They’ve been there my entire life (shocker right?) and trying to imagine what it would be like without is absolutely horrifying. Thats the type of thing that keeps me up at night. I understand death is a part of life but to be honest that really doesn’t make these thoughts any easier to bear. So yeah it scares me.

Those are two of my fears. I chose two pretty serious ones but you don’t have to at all. You could talk about spiders or snakes or blood just to name a few. Just say a little bit about why. And yeah I am looking forward to seeing what you all have to say. Last time I asked you guys what your goals were and you all responded amazingly. So I cant wait to hear from you this time.


29 thoughts on “What are your fears?

    • Aye yeah the thought of losing ones mind is really terrifying. As is the thought of losing control of our bodies. One of my worst nightmares is being trapped in a straight jacket. Just unable to move my arms.

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  1. One of my fears is obscurity. When i die i want there to be something, anything, left behind to say that i was here and that i mattered. Im sure my family amd friends would but i mean on a slightly larger scale. In a 100 yrs or a 1000 yrs will i have mattered. Perhaps, perhaps not, but i fear that in the grand scheme of things, that i do not and that bothers me. This is what keeps me up at night.

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      • Yeah, the odd thing is that i have posed this question to others around me and in my life and i seem to be the only one who feels this way. Or at least the only one who thinks about it enough to have it be on the list before someone else brings it up.

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      • I think it’s something that some people might be shameful to admit. Not that there is anything to be ashamed of. But just people might just want to seem as if they dont care about being remembered.


  2. In my past working life I didn’t fear confronting the bad guys. I maintained a healthy respect for their capabilities and prepared accordingly. What I did fear, or have moments of angst about, was missing something in the case. Not thinking of everything I could or should do to close the investigation and either clear or arrest the suspect(s). Some of the cases were quite complex and required many hours of strategic planning so as not to trip over myself. But always there was that worry that something would slip through. Now I worry about time. Finding the quality time to write and time to enjoy life. Oh, and heights.

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    • First and foremost I hate heights too. Second of all it sounds like you had an interesting career. Much more serious than the average day to day. But I can agree with you on time – there never seems to be enough of it.

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    • I work with people to help solve their problems. They may come in with only one problem, but scratch under the surface and you find that they have many others that need attention. I know that feeling of closing a case and wondering if you’ve done everything you possibly can. My problem is I’m the same with everything. I even double check my shopping list. I think it’s called being responsibly thorough. Not a fear, should be considered an asset and praised.

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  3. I literally have the same two fears…
    The fear of any family member dying I think is prevalent in many people’s minds. But I’ve found my worst nightmares have to do with that topic.
    I am terrified of making the wrong decision. Failing in one way or another. Choices and decisions are detrimental. And we make them all the time. Whether it be a relation, an education, an occupation,or a direction… It all changes our “fate”.

    On The Brink of Disaster – http://wp.me/p5Zr1y-1R

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      • Yep. Its stressful. I know I sometimes have minor panic attacks when i feel like I am not ready to make some decisions. But my best friend told me “worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace”. That has become my motto for life. And I constantly need to remind myself of it because I’m a worry freak. lol


  4. Im just afraid of being alone, so I tend to be really clingy with my friends and my parents. Im starting to get over it after looking for my strengths and aspirations as an individual, but Ill always be afraid of how others judge me. Which, frankly is not easy to get over until I learn to love myself.

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  5. I fear never doing enough as a mom, a student, a sister, a daughter, a friend. But then I fear that I will have spent too much time focusing on doing enough that I miss life. Does that even make sense? Searching for that happy medium between doing just enough and doing too much that you get burnt out trying. And the world goes on without me. Am I missing the little things while focusing on the other things? Or did I miss something huge while focusing on something so miniscule that it didn’t require so much attention?

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  6. Too many to list, but they all center around either leaving my wife alone in this world, or something bad happening to her. I’m not afraid to die, except that it would be leaving her. In my condition, and with my experiences, that makes me fear many things.

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  7. Amounting to nothing and dying in obscurity. The other one involves death and I’ve been tempted to write a lengthy essay on it simply to get it out in the open. Sometimes it bugs me late at night, and writing about it might make it stop doing that.

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  8. Fears come with two stages. The initial feelings and the secondary emotions. Conquer the second part and you can use the fear. OK time to explain. Briefly! I have vertigo. Medical fact. Therefore I’m scared of heights. But if I allow the secondary emotion of the fear of falling to take hold I lose the plot. So even though I still get dizzy when I look down from a bridge, I’ve build the knowledge that I never fallen before into my psyche. I still don’t like heights but I know I’ll survive. It helps.
    My other fear is horses. Still got to tackle that one.

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