Everyday Hero (Interactive Poetry)

My friend on twitter @She_nutt gave me some words for my interactive poetry this week! Her words for me were (Hero, Dry, Motion) and heres what I came up with

Everyday Hero

When we are young
We try to be heroes
To stand out among
All the other weirdos
We are always in motion
Trying to be Role models
For little kids devotion
We avoid the bottle
Because a hero needs no
Drink to be brave
They would only be slowed
And have to be saved
But what we all forget
Is that we dont stay
Young forever, age besets
Us all one day
Bones will grow fragile
Our skin will become dry
And we wont be so agile
Any longer, we wont fly
We wont be like we used to
We’ll pick up a bottle
As we swore we would never do
Our life will begin to topple
We’ll retell our glory days
People will look on with pity
All they’ll see is hair so gray
Not the protector of a city
The life of a hero is hard
Because in the end only
They know how they got so scarred
Thats why they die so lonely


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