Magic (Interactive Poetry)

Awesome writer over at Dusty Writes agreed to participate in my interactive poetry! Their words for me were (Brimstone, Liquid, Control, and Rare) and here is what I came up with.


Do you believe in magic
In wizards and witches
Who bring calamities so tragic
All in the pursuit of riches
Their Cauldrons full of mystical liquids
Used to cast an array of spells
With incantations so wicked
They’ll call upon the 7 hells
TO bring about demons so rare
The world will see fire and brimstone
Destruction will fill the very air
And everything you’ve ever known
Will begin to fall apart
As those with power take control
Gripping people by their hearts
Magic that can bring the world
Right down to its knees
The curtain may not yet be unfurled
But it exists even if you cannot see


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