Tardigrade (Interactive Poetry)

@Meteorcur on twitter wanted me to write a poem using the words (Tardigrade, Moss Piglet, and Waterbear.) So I looked up this weird looking animal and gathered some facts and here is what I came up with.


Let me tell you a tale
Of an animal of distinction
That has survived without fail
All five mass extinctions
You probably assume it’s big
But no this animal is tiny
Smaller than even a fig
However it is fierce with spiny
Teeth sharp as daggers
I imagine you are dying to know
What animal has never been staggered
By times constant flow
That’s right a mosspiglet
This animal has never been slayed
By any of Earths many threats
The tiny and fierce waterbear
Has even survived in space
Without any air
So while it may look weird
And while it may be small
It is an animal to be revered
Because it will outlast us all


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