Christmas Time (Interactive Poetry)

A repeat visitor this week to my interactive poetry! The awesome poet over at These Words I Write gave me three words to work with this week – (Nutcracker, Whistle, and Steak) and they proved to be pretty challenging. But here is what I managed to create.

Christmas Time
Christmas is a special time of year
Family reunions and joy
Songs for all to hear
And brand new toys
For all the kids to savor
There will be snacks and steak
So delicious they’ll revel in their flavor
Especially when they break out the cake
Then comes the plays
Such as the nutcracker
Which we’ll talk about for days
With smiles and laughter
Then it all comes to pass
The wind will whistle
And the day will be in the past
We will go back to the drivel
Of our daily routine
And we’ll have to wait a year
Before we break out our christmas greens
And scream in joy for all to hear


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