Insomnia (Interactive Poetry)

Awesome poet over at Andys Merdon agreed to participate in my interactive poetry this week! The words they gave me were (Casual, Minds, Pleasure) and heres what I came up with!


I wish I could take a nap
It would bring me such pleasure
But I can never quite bridge the gap
Into sleep, so I guess I’ll never
Be able to rest my mind
If I am wide awake
So im in a bit of a bind
And my eyes are starting to ache
I really want to go to sleep
But I just cant
I’ve tried counting sheep
I could rant
All day about how I envy
Those who can sleep casually
But that wont make my eyes heavy
Sleep just won’t come naturally
I just want to go to bed
Im starting to feel ill
If this keeps up I might end up dead
Guess i’ll just take some nyquil


12 thoughts on “Insomnia (Interactive Poetry)

  1. Nice one , I must say it is this insomnia which made me write certain works .Lack of sleep, anxiety , depression , a pen and a paper , well, that is more than what I need.A man who has ‘creativity’ will of course find it difficult to sleep, his brain won’t shut down that much easily , You will always be swimming in the ocean of thoughts and ideas , 🙂 That is what I have experienced.

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