In My Head (Interactive Poetry)

The great writer over at Poisoned Red Apple wanted to give me a challenge for my interactive poetry, and wow they succeeded. The words they gave me were (Psyche, Vortex, Frostbite, and Puddles) and it took me a while to turn it into something that made any sort of sense, but here is what I came up with!

In My Head
I am trapped in my own psyche
How did I get here
Why do I take everything so lightly
I am beginning to fear

All these puddles
Lying around in my head
Why is everything so muddled
I shouldn’t be here, am I dead

Did I enter some sort of vortex
Into my very own mind
Nothing seems to be very complex
Is there something I should find

And why is it so cold
Shouldn’t it be warm
So my brain can withold
Nature and its storms

Honestly looking inside
Of my head makes me feel
Dumb, as if my brain is fried
I wonder if it needs to heal

None of this makes any sense
What is this red
Stuff, it feels a little dense
It’s blood, shit I must have bled

Damn that must mean im dying
This is supposed to be a out of body
Experience, and not just me trying
To figure out whats going on oddly

And I think Im getting frostbite
I guess im dead so that doesnt matter right
There isn’t really much to see
Well screw death, I am getting out of me


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