Worry (interactive Poetry)

Awesome writer over at A Teen’s Insight wanted to participate in my interactive poetry! The words they gave me were (Worry, Listen, Live, Happiness) tell me how I did!


Day after day
We have to worry
About keeping our problems at bay
While we try to hurry
Onto the fast track
To our own happiness
But we hold ourselves back
With our own scrappiness
Because we try to fight
Our way to the top
Trying to escape our plight
But it just wouldn’t stop
One day however
We are going to learn
That if we keep this up we’ll never
We’ll reach the end of our turn
Far too soon
So take a minute and listen
To the world’s tune
And everything will glisten
The covers will unfurl
You will experience a new world
And life will finaly give
You a reason to live


4 thoughts on “Worry (interactive Poetry)

  1. Very glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog, this is great writing. And this post an uplifting one.
    If you don´t mind and as humanly as I can possible I´m able I´ll be dropping by to do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves” and explore more of your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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