Commotion in the Night (Interactive Poetry)

Great poet over at Lerene Forte wanted to participate in my interactive poetry this week! The words I was given were (Tumult, Wagging, Silver, Keen) and I tried some more free verse poetry. I’m still a little unsure of my free verse so let me know how I did!

Commotion in the Night

I laid down to sleep
But when I closed my eyes
There was a bang outside
And it set me on alert
As the neighborhood dogs
Erupted into tumult
I grabbed my silver
Aluminum baseball bat
I tried to keep
My mind keen
As I went outside
The steady banging
Noise was getting louder
I was starting
To lose my cool
The sound was coming
From the side
Of my House
My hands tightened around
The grip of my bat
As I rounded the corner
I felt myself relax
Because I saw the source
Of the Noise
It was my dog
He had knocked over the trashcan
And the beating sound
Was his tail wagging
Against the against the can


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