Falling Short (Interactive Poetry)

Josh over at My Friday Blog decided this was the week he would participate in my interactive poetry! His words for me were (Success, Haunting, Slush) and heres what I came up with.

Falling Short

We all dream of success
But not all of us make it
Some of us cave to the stress
Even if we struggle to admit
Our goals are turning to slush
And our life is falling apart
We move around in such a rush
Putting so much stress on our hearts
Every choice is so haunting
And It feels like every decision
Has just left us wanting
The outcomes we had envisioned
We struggle with what we see
Because all we’ve ever done is work
Yet we aren’t what we wanted to be
Every other quality we’ve shirked
Now that stress has taken its toll
And we’ve missed our goals
We wish we’d had more fun
Instead of avoiding the sun


5 thoughts on “Falling Short (Interactive Poetry)

    • Aye yeah grammar has never been my strong suit. I normally have some people help me edit my writing before I post. But I didn’t this time, and clearly it was noticeable haha.


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