The Ripper (Interactive Poetry)

This would be the second poem I created using the words from @CptnFut. (Tragedy, Blood, Spectral, Whisper) tell me how I did!

The Ripper
Have you heard the story
Of the killer going around
With crimes so gory
You’d rather be drowned
In a raging flood
Than be caught in his van
He’ll drain your blood
This monster of a man
Hides in plain sight
He appears almost spectral
So plain in the light
His looks are nothing special
But inside there is a terror
A living breathing calamity
The sole bearer
Of so many tragedies
However whats most alarming
Is how he lures you in
Telling you his tale so charming
With his words and story he spins
That when he pulls out his knife
You’re unable to even whisper
And you’re scared for your life
Because you’re staring at the ripper
So come now follow the plan
And get into my van


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