A Hard Lesson (Interactive Poetry)

As well asking all you lovely people here on wordpress to participate in my interactive poetry I asked the wonderful people on twitter as well and a few people were interested! @CptnFut wanted to participate and he gave me 4 words to work with (Tragedy, Spectral, Blood, Whisper) and I actually created two poems and this is the first.

A Hard Lesson

Death is such a taboo subject
We’re afraid to discuss it
As if it’s something we can reject
Because we’re too afraid to admit
That it’s an inevitability
I was like this too
Caught up in my lifes stability
So when I lost you
My family, my own blood
I couldn’t face this tragedy
Emotions swept me away like a flood
Your loss was my first calamity
My life began to feel so spectral
As if I wasn’t really there
A nobody, an everyday nothing special
I had nothing to make people care
So I continued to exist
Listening to the whispers
Trying so hard to coexist
But no one listens to a drifter
So when I would try to explain
How I ended up grounded in reality
They never understood my pain
Of understanding our mortality


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