Myth of Color (Interactive Poetry)

Great poet over at Lerene Forte go check them out! They participated in my interactive poetry this week and they gave 4 words to create some poetry with (Indigo, Riding, Wind, and Zeal) and I ended up creating a folk tale about color. Let me know how I did!

Myth of Color

Have you ever looked at the sky
And seen the color indigo
It probably made you wonder why
You’re seeing colors when the wind blows

Well let me tell you a story
Of a hero who lived long ago
He sought naught but glory
And the answers to all he didnt know

Pursuing each venture with zeal
His most famous feat however
Was his last, when he set out to steal
The power of a sky god who had lived forever

He approached this being riding
On his trusty steed
But this being knew what he was hiding
He could sense the heroes greed

The hero was prepared for this
And so through self harm
He forced the god to assist
Him, for the being so was so alarmed

So the god dropped his guard
And the hero went for the source
Of the gods power and was immediately scarred
As no mortal was meant to handle that force

And as a result our world was given beauty
As the hero fused with the god of the sky
Human desire mixed with everlasting duty
Creating a whole new being way up high

So when you see different shades
Painting the world around you and others
Thats our hero coloring where he once played
Because before our hero the world knew no color


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