Free Spirit (Interactive Poetry)

My friend over at baffledbaboon gave me three words to create some poetry with! His words were (Party, Boat, and Lunatic) and heres what I created!

Free Spirirt

I’ve lost all inhibitions
All I want to do is party
And try every sexual position
With a behavior real hearty
I want to run around like a lunatic
Bang things out with the best of them
Take this place apart brick by brick
Roll around in money and gems
I want to rock the boat
Because we only have so much time
But this isn’t all she wrote
So put away the pen and live up your prime
Because When we break things down
We arent here for very long
So dress yourself up for a night on the town
Drink what we want and sing our songs
Now forget your worries
And fill your cups
Because life goes by in such a hurry
So relax lift your glass, and go bottoms up

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