Our Words (Interactive Poetry)

I was a little slow getting going this week but here we go! Arisa over at Live, Love, Laugh, and Let It Go gave me some words to create some poetry with! The words were (Electric, Masterpiece, and Birds) let me know how I did!

Our Words

Sometimes we hit highs
And we soar like birds
Flying across the sky
When everyone understands our words
And the atmosphere feels electric
Everything we put down is fantastic
Even when our attitude is eccentric
Our sense of humors sarcastic
We feel as though
We can create masterpieces
And we want to show
Who we are before we are deceased
So come look at us now
While we are on top
And allow us to wow
You all before we drop
And cannot go on
See us before we’re all gone

13 thoughts on “Our Words (Interactive Poetry)

  1. Very good – it’s got a nice flow. I think it captures feelings that we all have from time to time 🙂

    I might just pick up those three words and string something together myself – just don’t expect a masterpiece 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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