Martial Arts (Interactive Poetry)

My friend over at Said With an Eye really does love to challenge me. The words she gave me this time were (Shrubbery, Tiles, and Dumplings) and I was at loss of what to write about. But in the end my love of martial arts movie gave me some inspiration!

Martial Arts

Have you ever seen a martial arts movie
Where they can break floor tiles
And beat up people with their feet not uzis
With all these different martial arts styles
Tai Chi, Judo, Muay Thai, and Wing-Chun
From so many differen’t places
The Philippines and the land of the Rising Sun
They all come from so many spaces
And when you see them on screen
You stare at them with shock
At all the different scenes
As they break and shatter rocks
How do these people avoid crumbling
When they’re diving and hiding in shrubbery
Well by eating fried rice and dumplings
And this leads them all to recovery

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