Last Night (Interactive Poetry)

Great poet over at These Words I Write go check him out! He gave me three words to write a poem with and they were (Haze, Fountain, and Sour) and I had a lot of fun writing this one!

Last Night

Thinking back on last night
It’s all such a haze
I think I got into a fight
But I cant remember I was so crazed
I was drinking out of a fountain
But it surely wasn’t water
Because the next thing you know im on a mountain
And it was so much hotter
So I had to take off all my clothes
While the dehydration kicked in
All my progress slowed
Then the world started to spin
And I was lying naked in the snow
Quencing my thirst but the snow tasted sour
That’s when the wind started to blow
Remembering I had no clothes so I started to cower
Then something hit my head
And my world went black
I probably should be dead
Someone must have had my back
Because im lying naked in my den
I guess that means its time to start again

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